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10 films about how to find the man of your dreams

“People meet, people fall in love, get married. “And someone in this is not particularly lucky. How to be? Surrender to fate or take a step towards that only person? As life shows, sometimes it is worth showing your character to bring a moment of happiness closer. Probably, someone, too, has already been knocked down, looking for you.

Team AdMe.ru I have selected 10 films for you, in each of which you will find for yourself a small hint or useful advice.

How to get married for 3 days

They say that a leap year is not worth getting married. And according to the old Irish custom of February 29, girls, on the contrary, could make an offer to the elects, and those had no right to refuse. Designer Anna has long met with a cardiologist, but he is in no hurry to give her the cherished ring. And the girl decides to become the creator of his destiny! She flies after him from Boston to Dublin to make him an offer. But the weather is non-flying. This film is a journey filled with beautiful landscapes, funny situations and unexpected plot twists.

Pretend my wife

Just go with it

In life, it often happens that people who are close every day can know a lot about each other. But in reality – nothing. Catherine is constantly giving a friendly shoulder to her colleague Danny, and he met the beautiful Palmer. But his old tricks don’t work. And he makes a fatal mistake. How to be? Only Catherine can help here! And she was accustomed to perform everything entrusted perfectly. In this comedy, one can observe an amazing synthesis of family values ​​and adventurism.

Station for two

“We live something without excitement, monotonous, as in the ranks. Do not be afraid to throw everything on the map and change your life. “From this song not to throw out a single word. Fate brings together two mature people at the station. Their lives are strikingly different. He is a pianist, he rotates in his chosen society, he has seen the world. And the charming barmaid Vera is setting the table in a small town for visitors. But when two soul mates meet, the outer tinsel gradually crumbles. Like all the films of Eldar Ryazanov, this picture gives a lot of emotions: from sadness to fun.

Wild thing

There is an opinion that good girls like bad boys. And what about the good boys? As a rule, they successfully graduate from universities and become successful people. Charles’s life was a success – he is the vice-president of a large company, the day is scheduled by the minute. During the break, he decides to dine in one cafe, where he finds himself in a curious situation. An eccentric stranger threatens him with police, Charles is outraged. But the law of attraction of opposites has not been canceled. “Bad Girl” performed by Melanie Griffith is simply superb!

How to marry a millionaire

How to Marry a Millionaire

© 20th Century Fox Film Corporation

This charming comedy will never lose its relevance. The filmmakers easily and naturally remind the viewer of eternal values. Three friends, one of whom plays Marilyn Monroe, dream of finding husbands-millionaires. It seems to young beauties that happiness is a secure life. They rent an apartment in the exclusive area of ​​New York and develop strategies. But during the race for wealth, girls suddenly begin to realize that there is something more important in this world. The charming atmosphere of the 1950s awaits you!


There are women who absolutely know what they want. The heroines of this dynamic comedy always get their way. And for this they have 1000 and 1 way. Mama Max did not teach her daughter Paige to embroider, but her heiress knows all the secrets of seduction and fraud. But once their well-established mechanism of earnings fails. Ladies take emergency measures, but there are forces on earth that no one can resist.

Groom rental

The wedding date

© Gold Circle Films

This romantic film gives the opportunity to look at life problems with humor. Kat is invited to the family for the wedding, and there she will meet with the former. How to overcome this challenge? Perhaps you can find a wizard who will settle everything. But life is not a fairy tale. However, the wizard can and hire. That is the conclusion a girl comes to. The choice is made, and the wheels of fate begin their run.

The Taming of the Shrew

Il Bisbetico domato

Men and women are an eternal confrontation. Who is destined to win this fight? Perhaps it would be best if both win. But can an aristocratic beauty and a gruff farmer agree? There is a great option – wear a gorgeous blue dress and give him a beautiful box. The favorite comedy of many generations will give more than one useful hint, and will again convince everyone that love rules the world.

The back-up plan

If you have tried all the options, and the dream man hasn’t appeared on the horizon, then probably the time of “Plan B” has come. Lonely Zoe is 30 years old and she dreams of a child. And in the XXI century, a woman can become a mother without a man, more precisely, without his presence. But on that day, when the girl is successfully undergoing the IVF procedure, He suddenly appears in her life. This film will convince you that happiness does not always come in an ideal scenario. And all lovers of cheese expects a separate bonus!

Letters to Juliet

Letters to Juliet

Oh, Verona, the birthplace of Romeo and Juliet! Here every street gives a romantic mood. Journalist Sophia responds to letters addressed to Juliet. By chance it gets a letter that came back in the 1960s. In this warm film, a simple truth is revealed to us: the one who helps to find love for others is rewarded with fate. Each frame of the film is filled with the spirit of sunny Italy. And no one doubts that lovers who have not seen for decades must meet.

On the preview of the frame from the movie “Letters to Juliet”: Summit Entertainment

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