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10 fan theories “Game of thrones”, from which the hair on the head will move

Of course, fans of Game of Thrones cannot sit idle in the offseason – after reviewing the series and carefully examining the interviews of the actors and creators of the show, thousands of people around the world are putting forward their theories for deciding this super-popular story.

We are in AdMe.ru chose the most interesting of them. Attention, the post is literally stuffed with spoilers. If you are not ready for this, it is better to look at the post with e-mails from cats.

10. Jaime will kill Cersei

Perhaps one of the most popular theories is that Cersei Lannister is about to die, besides at the hands of his closest relative. According to the prophecy, Cersei will be killed by the “Valoncar” – the younger brother.

She hated Tyrion all her life, but her younger brother could also be Jaime, who was born a couple of minutes later Cersei. In addition, Jaime had once betrayed his ruler and killed the Mad King in order to save his subjects. Who knows, maybe he will have to become a murderer once again to stop the new massacre.

9. Tyrion Lannister is in fact Targaryen

Recall how Tirion hated his father Tywin. In addition, he exclaimed more than once that he was not his father. In the books you can find hints that Tyvion’s beloved wife and Joanna’s mother was in a relationship with Eiris Targaryen. In addition, once Tirion managed to stroke the dragon – and, as you know, almost no one succeeds in finding a common language with these creatures, except Targaryens.

Moreover, until recently Daenerys had three dragons – respectively, and there should be three riders (although the sad fate of Vizerion, alas, made its own adjustments).

8. White walkers will win, and all heroes will die.

Perhaps the most pessimistic theory: according to her, the White Walkers will triumph over the people, all the main characters will die, and the survivors will move to the south to create a new world. Just imagine: the King of the Night enters the throne room, sits on the Iron Throne, and this series ends once and for all – this is the worst nightmare for all fans!

7. Daenerys will give birth to a child by John Snow

In the 7th season, several times a noticeable emphasis was placed on the fact that Daenerys would not be able to have children, because, according to another prophecy, she can give birth to a child “when the sun rises in the west and sets in the east when the seas dry and the wind blows like leaves. “

The reason for its infertility is magical, not physiological. So John Snow was resurrected with the help of magic: who knows, perhaps it’s easy to give birth to such a magical man? If the theory turns out to be true, the child will become the first born Targaryen since the moment of the uprising of Robert Baratheon.

6. John Snow – Azor Akhay

Fans of the novels of George R. R. Martin have long wondered who Azor Akhay was – the promised prince who was resurrected to save the world from darkness. Under the description of the prince (and he can be both a man and a woman), John Snow and Daenerys Targaryen are equally suitable.

But the legend does not look too bright: according to legend, Azor in the past defeated the Great Other, but for this he needed to pierce the heart of his beloved with a sword. If the story repeats, and one of the John-Denis couples turns out to be Azor Achaeum, he or she may have to sacrifice his soul mate to save Westeros.

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