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10 facts that reveal our world from the most unexpected sides

We will not waste time on a long introduction. You know what this article will be about. You understand that now you will learn something new, something exciting and interesting. Something that you want to share with your friends.

Therefore, we will not hesitate AdMe.ru will tell you about 10 new and amazing facts from this world.

1. Blood donation can burn 650 calories at a time.

According to the WHO, regular blood donation prolongs life by 5 years. And all because of the side effect of donation.

Researchers at the University of California note that donating 550 grams of blood burns 650 calories (equivalent to 2 hamburgers) and increases tissue regeneration. And Finnish scientists have found that between the ages of 43 and 61, with regular blood donations, the risk of heart problems is reduced by 88%, while the risk of developing cancer cells is also reduced.

2. According to one of the legends, Genghis Khan’s funeral escort killed everyone in his path to hide the place where he would be buried

Genghis Khan – the great khan and the founder of the largest in the history of the continental empire. According to the will, he had to be buried where no one could find his remains. Therefore, a funeral escort drove his body deep into the desert, killing everyone in his path. And when the warriors of the funeral procession returned, they were also immediately killed. The tomb of Genghis Khan was not found until now, because there was no one left who would have known at least about its location.

3. People in North Korea are so obsessed with Choco Pie that this delicacy is equated with drugs.

Choco Pie is so loved in North Korea that when the state banned these sweets in 2014, a real black market appeared, selling these cookies for $ 10 apiece. Not a bad profit, considering that they cost 20 cents in South Korea.

In 2017, a soldier escaped from North Korea to South Korea, and during his escape he received several injuries. When the guy woke up in a Seoul hospital, he asked for only one Choco Pie bar. As a result, the manufacturer announced that it would provide him with a lifetime supply of this delicacy.

4. Albatrosses – unique birds that can live for more than 50 years and soar over the ocean for years

The largest seabirds, albatrosses, can live for more than 50 years. And the first 3 years of their life they spend over the ocean, not seeing land. After the birds return to the ground, they find a partner with whom they live for all the remaining years.

5. Danny Trejo often chooses the roles of bad guys. But doing it for a reason

If you recall all the films of this actor, then there are few of those where he would play a completely positive character. As the actor himself says, playing criminals, he tries to show young people that the bad guys most often die or go to prison. Therefore, we must try to live a “good life.”

6. The hermit crabs have “shell exchange”

Hermit crabs are looking for new shells as they grow. If a crab finds a shell that is too large for it, then it brings it to the place where other crabs gather. There, all the crabs line up by the size of the shells and try to exchange their own for a more suitable one.

7. In India, building roads from plastic bottles.

“This road is made of plastic waste.”

In 2001, India began building roads made from shredded plastic waste. Plastic is mixed and melted at a temperature of 170 ° C, then hot bitumen is added and the material is laid as usual asphalt.

It turned out that such plastic roads do not have potholes and cracks after many years of use, and in addition, they are much cheaper to build. According to data for 2017, about 100,000 km of roads were built from recycled plastic in India.

8. In 1964, the Swedish art gallery presented 4 paintings by an unknown artist named Pierre Brasso.

The paintings were shown to the best art critics, and each of them praised these vivid avant-garde works. Except for one who said: “Only a monkey could draw it.” And he was right. All these paintings were drawn by a 4-year-old chimpanzee named Peter and sent to the gallery in order to check out the art historians.

9. In some cities in Japan, instead of the green color of the traffic light, you can see blue

Centuries ago, Japanese had only four primary colors: black, white, red, and blue. And green was considered only a shade of blue, so it was also called blue. What confuses even more is that in Japanese midori is “green” and ao is “blue”, however the green color of the traffic light is called “ao singu” – “blue signal”.

The fact is that in 1968, many countries around the world adopted the Vienna Convention on Road Signs and Signals. But the Japanese government decided to replace the green with blue. After 5 years, it turned out that blue was hardly visible from a distance, and in some places it was replaced with green. Nevertheless, people still called the green signal light blue.

10. When it rains, the number of negative Facebook posts increases by 80%.

This conclusion was made by scientists from the University of California, who collected relevant statistics for several years. Moreover, every negative post in social networks has a negative effect on another 1-2 other people. Thus, scientists have compared this with seasonal “infection”, which, spreading, negatively affects people’s mood.

Therefore, we propose to correct this situation and write something good in the comments to each other.

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