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10 facts that make you look at your favorite cartoons in a completely different way

Leaving Easter eggs and various references in their works are loved not only by filmmakers and screenwriters, but also by the creators of the animation. So well-known cartoons can open with a completely unexpected side.

I found some interesting stories that will surely inspire you to watch your favorite cartoons: who knows, maybe you yourself will find the secret pieces from the creators?

1. What do chicken from the cartoon “Escape from the hen house” hide

In the cartoon “Chicken Coop Escape” each character must have some accessory on his neck – beads, a scarf or a necklace. This was done for a reason: the hens in this cartoon, or rather their models, are molded from clay, besides, they had to turn their heads. To hide the resulting joint, the animators came up with a clever trick with ornaments around the neck.

2. Why the first curly princess appeared so late

Initially the creators of the cartoon “Mermaid” Ariel wanted to make beautiful curly hair, but, alas, computer graphics in 1989 did not allow this to happen.

Therefore, the first curly princess Disney became Merida from the cartoon “Brave” – and it happened only in 2012. For 3 years, a special simulator was created, predicting the behavior of 1,500 curls. Just imagine: the scene where Merida removes the hood from her head and her curls fly away has been created for more than 2 months!

3. “Mystery of Koko”, which few people knew

In the cartoon “Mystery Coco” There are some interesting references. For example, on the central street of the Mexican town where the main character lives, you can see big dolls – these are Buzz Liter and Woody cowboy from the cartoon “The history of toys”.

Another scene in which Miguel passes by the table with toys, sends us to the heroes of the cartoon “Finding Dory”: here you can see a whale shark named Fate and the fish Nemo and Dori.

4. Mufasa and Scar were not brothers

It turned out that the creators “The Lion King” they concealed one curious detail: according to the authors, Mufasa and Scar are not brothers, but rather two lions who live in the same pride. The directors say that in the wild, when the leader is aging, a stronger and younger lion appears, and they would like to use facts from animal life. At that moment, they realized that Mufasa and Scar could not be brothers, but for some reason they hadn’t been telling the audience for many years.

So now that very scene in the gorge no longer seems so tragic, although it still hurts to watch it.

5. In “Puzzle” there is an interesting reference.

And here is another cartoon Pixar, in which the attentive viewer will find a lot of “greetings” from other studio works. One of them appears at the beginning of the cartoon in the scene when Riley and his parents travel across the country to a new home. On the wires you can see a few round birds: they look exactly like the characters of the 2000 short film called “About the Birds”.

6. What is really the secret of Disney cartoons success

Literally, in every new cartoon studio, Disney hides either Mickey Mouse’s toy or its outlines. So, in “Zveropolis” the toy hid in a baby carriage, and in the “Cold Heart” she hid on a shelf with dishes. They say it is precisely in this lies the secret of the nationwide love for the studio and the commercial success of their cartoons: who knows, what if it really is true?

7. Announcements of upcoming new products in Zveropolis

In one of the scenes of Zveropolis, we are shown a real collection of Disney cartoons, the names of which were slightly changed according to the rules of the animal world. Here you can see the “Heroes Cities”, “Rapunzel”, “Moana”, “Ralph” CDs, as well as cartoons that have not yet appeared on the screens – these are “Cold Heart – 2” (will be released in 2019) and “Giants” (the premiere is expected in 2018).

8. Snow White could be blonde

Initially, the creators planned to make Snow White blonde, but in the end they decided to be guided by the source – a tale by the Grimm brothers, according to which the girl’s hair is “black as pitch”.

Moreover, all the beloved gnomes could get completely different names: they wanted to be called Shorty, Jumper, Bald, Gryaznuly, Plokhish, Screamer. In the seventh gnome, the creators lacked imagination, and it was planned to call it simply the Seventh.

By the way “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”, contrary to popular belief, is not the first full-length animated film in history, but differs from its predecessors in that it has sound and color.

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