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10 facts that do not know even the most desperate film fans

Behind each frame of our favorite movies is the work of hundreds of people and dozens of interesting stories. Good deeds, annoying failures and hidden details accompany many famous tapes. Attentive viewers do not get tired of looking for traditional Easter eggs in them, and sometimes the actors themselves split up and tell about them. For example, Tilda Swinton to the last denied that she played an elderly psychiatrist in the movie “Suspiria”, but then she confessed everything.

talks about unexpected facts that may surprise even those who consider themselves to be a connoisseur of cinema.

1. The show of the Chinese film “The Unbending Spirit” was canceled due to a financial scandal, and now no one will see it.

Chinese director Xiao Feng’s drama about the Japanese bombing of the Chinese city of Chongqing during World War II cost the creators $ 65 million. The film was co-produced by Mel Gibson, with Bruce Willis and Adrien Brody playing the main roles. But in the end, the film was canceled, as one of its investors was caught in a fraud, and Chinese actress Fan Bingbing, who performed one of the main roles in the film, was accused of tax evasion. From the film, there was only a trailer.

2. Unknown German actor Lutz Ebersdorf in the film “Suspiriya” – in fact Tilda Swinton

According to legend, the 82-year-old psychoanalyst Joseph Klemperer played in the remake of the classic thriller “Suspiriya” played by the Berlin doctor Lutz Ebersdorf, who had never before acted in films. Later, Tilda Swinton admitted that it was she: for her role, she was made up for 4 hours with prostheses for the neck and jaw. Also during the shooting, the actress wore artificial genitals to get deeper into the role of a man.

3. Matt Damon played in the movie “Deadpool 2 ″, but in the credits it is not

In Deadpool-2, there is an episode with a conversation between two rural laborers discussing toilet paper, and one of them was played by Matt Damon. For the role of his make-up for about 3 hours, and in the credits he is listed under the name Dicky Greenleaf – that is the name of the character Jude Law from the movie “The Talented Mr. Ripley”, where Matt Damon played the title role.

4. In the film “Pirates of the Caribbean: The Dead do not tell fairy tales” starred Paul McCartney

– Paul McCartney (@PaulMcCartney) May 13, 2017

Paul McCartney got the episodic role of Uncle Jack, and although he performs the song in the film, it’s completely impossible to recognize the makeup of the former Beatle.

5. Bezubik’s behavior in the cartoon “How to Train Your Dragon” is copied from the movements of the cat, to which the tape was stuck to the tail

Toothless in the cartoon lost part of the tail and could not fly, so Hiccup manually made him a prosthesis. When the boy first puts a mechanical part on him, Toothless starts spinning in an attempt to remove it: the dragon’s behavior at this moment is copied from a video where an irritated cat from one of the animators is trying to get rid of a piece of scotch on its tail.

6. In the film “The Truman Show”, lightning illuminates the moon for a moment: it’s a hint that it’s closer than it seems

In the film, Truman Burbank lives an ordinary life in the small town of Sihaven, unaware that his every step is filmed with hidden cameras and broadcast live, and he is surrounded by hired actors. In the end, he realizes that he lives inside a large scenery, but he could have done it before, if he paid attention to details, such as the moon, which reflects the lightning that flashed for a moment.

7. In the credits of the movie “Cold Heart” there is a refutation of Christophe’s opinion that all men eat their bogs

In the scene, when Anna confesses to Christof that she loves Hans, despite the fact that he knows little of him, Christof begins to make fun of her, saying: “What if you didn’t like it, how does he eat? Or how he picks his nose. and then eat your bastards? All men do it! ”At the end of the cartoon in the credits, the authors found it necessary to note that“ Christophe’s view that all men eat shrimp does not reflect the point of view of the film’s creators and Disney’s. ”

8. In the “Black Mirror” series, the hero signs a contract, where there are lines: “If you pause to read this, you will die in 28 days, if you do not send the screen to 5 people”

In the 2nd episode of the 3rd season of the Black Mirror series called “Game Test”, the main character is invited to test a new gaming technology that helps to investigate a person’s brain and understand what he is afraid of. For this, the hero signs a contract. Attentive viewers found the following text on his page: “If you pause to read it, you will die within 28 days if you do not send the screen to 5 people.” Critics have called this episode of the series “truly horrendous,” and this line in the document underlines the general atmosphere of fear in the film.

9. After filming, Keanu Reeves presented each motorcycle stuntman

Keanu Reeves is known for his good deeds. So, after filming in The Matrix, he shared his fee with the team that created the visual effects, because he believed that the work of these people was underestimated, and also presented to each of the stuntmen who participated in the filming, on a Harley Davidson motorcycle. Keanu got acquainted with everyone who works on the set, trying to remember the name, bought lunch for everyone, and gave one of the workers who installed the scenery who had problems in the family $ 20 thousand for Christmas.

10. Communication of velociraptors in the movie “Jurassic Park” – in fact, the sounds that turtles emit when mating

The sound engineer Gary Ridstrom had to dream about how dinosaurs could communicate, because no one really knows what sounds were made by these long-extinct animals. Ridstrom spent many months in the zoo, recording the voices of various animals, and then used them in the film’s voice acting. In particular, velociraptors sound like mating turtles, while other dinosaurs communicate in a mixture of “tongues” of several animals at once – tigers, elephants, whales, geese and koalas.

Which of these films made the strongest impression on you?

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