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10 facts proving that babies have the power that superheroes never dreamed of

There are thousands of different languages ​​in the world, but the word “mother” sounds the same to almost everyone. And all because the babies themselves chose it. It turns out that due to the peculiarities of the development of human speech and articulation, the sounds of “m” and “a” are the easiest to pronounce, therefore it is their young children who pronounce it before the others. Due to this the word appeared. Do you know why babies are pulling in their mouths and often want to eat?

prepared for you 10 facts about newborn children and those babies who are just preparing to be born.

Why do babies cry at night if they are not hungry and feel good?

It is believed that babies cry at night in order to prevent parents from conceiving another child. The author of the theory, David Haig, suggests that this “skill” developed in infants during the process of evolution, since the absence of other children in the mother increased survival.

In addition, according to Haig, certain genes derived from a mother or father decide whether a child will cry at night. If they are received from the mother, the baby will be interested in another pregnancy and will not disturb the parents during the night, and if it is from the father, then not, because (again, by David Haig’s suggestion) the father, or rather his genes, is not sure that the next pregnancy comes from him.

How does the brain of a newborn develop?

The brain of a child after birth grows very quickly: during the first 3 months of life, it reaches 50% of the brain volume of an adult. However, already in the womb, the child is able to learn about the world: scientists believe that the fetus reacts to bright flashes of light and learns to recognize not only the mother’s voice, but also, for example, her favorite song.

Why do not we remember the events of early childhood?

“Infantile amnesia” is the name of a phenomenon in a scientific language, because of which we are unable to recall the first years of our life. Scientists have no consensus on the causes of this phenomenon, however, the study showed that this is most likely due to the faster formation of new brain cells than adults that keep the first memories.

Why if you put a newborn on the mother’s belly, then he will find the breast?

If during the first hour of life you put the newborn on the mother’s belly, he will find the breast himself. The thing is that mother’s nipples smell just like the amniotic fluid in which the baby floats while in the womb. By the way, human taste preferences begin to form in the process of fetal development: for example, according to scientists, the amniotic fluid can get the taste of garlic if the mother consumed it. In addition, when the child begins to eat adult food, it can be attracted by the flavor of the dishes that the mother ate during pregnancy.

How do babies see the world in the first few days of life?

Newborn babies see the world in black and white and gray. In addition, they are myopic, and objects that are farther than 30 cm from them are perceived as a blur. Best of all, they distinguish between faces and objects that are at a distance of 20 to 25 cm from their eyes, that is, approximately at the distance at which from them is the face of the mother breastfeeding.

This happens because binocular vision, that is, the ability to bring together 2 images received by the brain from the right and left eyes, is only being formed.

Children can stay in their mothers forever.

Children can live in the mother’s brain in the most direct sense. Scientists examined the brain of 59 women who died between the ages of 32 and 101, and 37 of them found traces of the male Y chromosome, which could only appear during pregnancy, during which the fetus shared its cells with the mother.

This phenomenon is called microchimerism: the cells of the fetus penetrate through the placenta into the maternal organism and create their clones there. And they can persist for many years: the oldest woman, in the brain of which the male chromosome was found, was 94 years old.

A child can cure a mother’s heart

A study in laboratory mice made one important discovery: fetal stem cells are able to repair the damaged after a mother’s myocardial infarction. Hina Shondri, who conducted the study, believes that in this way the fetus cures the maternal organism, which means it increases its own chances of survival.

And although it is too early to say that a similar mechanism exists in humans, the presence of fetal cells in the mother’s body, which was written above, is in favor of such a theory.

Why do kids all pull in their mouths?

During the first 7 months of life, children cannot learn about the world with their fingers: they are able to grab some thing, but the fine motor skills of the hands are not yet developed to such an extent that it is possible to stroke, squeeze or somehow explore the thing. However, the child is able to manage the tongue and lips well, therefore, he uses his mouth to study the surrounding objects — in other words, he pulls in there everything that comes to hand.

Why do babies sleep so much?

The brain of babies uses more than 50% of glucose, which enters the body with food, while the brain of an adult – only 20%. According to scientists, this fact is one of the reasons that young children spend a lot of time in their sleep: when a person is sleeping, the process of glucose absorption is much more effective.

Why do children eat often?

The stomach of a newborn is comparable in size to hazelnuts. That is why the kids eat so often: for a large amount of food there is simply no room. But this organ is growing quite quickly: after 2 weeks it becomes the same as a large chicken egg. But the need for frequent meals lasts until the 6th month of life.

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