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10 facts, having learned that many women will look at men with different eyes

Girlfriends, forums and social networks have seen a lot of female tears shed for strange and incomprehensible male actions. Why should they, for example, fold their necks to look at girls passing by? It turns out that science has already found its explanation, and not only this phenomenon, but also other examples of male behavior, which sometimes seem very strange to women.

gathered the most interesting facts about men, found in the course of scientific experiments and surveys. One part of them turns out to be entertaining and funny, and the other – truly unexpected, and even for the men themselves.

1. Do not like to leave your phone number

One of the basic needs of men – freedom. Therefore, most of them ask for the phone number of the girls they like, but they don’t leave theirs. Representatives of the stronger sex it is vital to have the right to choose and the ability to control the process. That is why the countless questions in women’s forums from the series “Why did he not leave his number?” Often have one common answer.

2. Quickly forget about women who go out of their sight

American scientists have discovered that the main male hormone testosterone weakens the impulse control of certain areas of the brain. This is what the researchers explain the fact that the representatives of the stronger sex constantly examine women. For the same reason, men forget about the woman they were looking at, almost immediately after she disappears from sight. That is why you should not unnecessarily dramatize such a frequent male feature.

3. Show generosity depending on the female reaction to gifts

Psychologists say that incentive for men is the response of women to his actions. Sincere joy and delight in the eyes and words of the darling awaken in the partner the desire to perform worthy actions for her and make gifts. The lack of reaction, the acceptance of gifts by men, a chronic negative show to a rational man that there is simply no need for his generosity.

4. Are indifferent to their first love

A quarter of the men surveyed during the study admitted that they would like to resume a relationship with his first love, even if you have to break the current. The percentage of not so cardinal in their decisions, but still not indifferent to the first love of men is several times higher. Psychologists themselves strongly recommend to beware of the representatives of the stronger sex, who never forget about their first passions, as this often leads to recurring conflicts and resentment as a couple.

5. Have a tendency to obesity depending on the marital status

Researchers at the University of Bath have concluded that married men satisfied with their marital status tend to be overweight. Moreover, an additional factor in obesity is also paternity. Therefore, new folds on the body of a man can become a kind of indicator of his calmness and confidence, and not laziness.

6. Love the lovely female chatter on dates.

It is no secret that the female norm of words spoken per day is much more masculine. However, contrary to popular belief, men really like when a woman talks a lot. But here we are talking about stories about yourself, any hobbies, views, stories. It should not be on dates, especially at the initial stage of relationships, to throw out all your problems, fears and total discontent with the world around you on a man. In this case, the effect may be just the opposite.

7. Do not have a clear preference for blondes and brunettes

Despite the categorical statements of some men that they like only blondes or only brunettes, studies do not rush to confirm this fact. In fact, under different circumstances the same representatives of the stronger sex may prefer girls with different hair color. Therefore, one should not take the statements of men about their visual preferences as final and irrevocable.

8. Gossip more than women

Paradoxically, research suggests that men tend to gossip more often than men do. AND time for gossip men spend more. Most often this happens in a circle of colleagues, partners and female friends. Moreover, with the latter, the percentage of intellectual conversations and conversations on politics and work is reduced to 5. That is why some secrets need to be trusted with caution, regardless of gender.

9. Are the most active buyers in online stores.

According to statistics, men spend 20–30% more money on online purchases than women. And the main part of the purchased products is not gadgets, but men’s clothing and accessories. Representatives of the strong half of humanity more carefully study the characteristics of the goods, as well as reviews.

10. Affected by hormonal changes during pregnancy partner

Scientists have found that the prospect of paternity makes changes in the male hormones. In particular, testosterone levels fall, which makes men less aggressive and more caring and affectionate in relation to their partners. In perspective, such an interesting fact can be seen by women as a pleasant bonus that can wait for them on the threshold of such an important event as the appearance of children.

Knowing the facts does not guarantee that there will always be complete harmony in the relationship. However, this information helps to understand the reasons for this or that partner’s behavior and predict possible consequences.

Do you know any interesting facts about the opposite field, which inevitably affect the communication between men and women?

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