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10 facts by which you look at the Russian language in a completely different way

“Zhi”, “shi” write with the letter “and”, unstressed vowels in the root of the word should be checked with the help of one-root words, where this vowel is under stress, and to distinguish between “-t” and “-to,” you should set the verb question. All these spelling rules we remember from the school bench. But can we say that we know Russian perfectly?

In fact, the native and familiar to us from childhood language is fraught with many surprises. In this collection – 10 facts that serve as proof of this.

1. In Russian more than 6 cases

We are accustomed to distinguish 6 cases in Russian: nominative, genitive, dative, accusative, imperative and prepositional. In fact, more cases. There are also:

  • vocativecase. It is used in sentences like: “Mom, I’m hungry! ” or “Hello, Vov!
  • partitive case. It is used to denote the property of partial, in Russian it is often called the second genitive: “Eat these soft French buns and have some tea. ” The word “tea” in this case stands precisely in the partitive case (the genitive case form: “tea “).
  • local case. Most often, the forms of the local case coincide with the forms of the prepositional case, but there are nouns where they differ. Compare: “The Forest Raised a Christmas Tree” and “He talks all the time about the forest next to his house.”.

2. The most rare letter of the Russian alphabet – “f”

The fact is that the letter “f” got into the Slavic alphabet under the influence of the Greek to convey the corresponding sound in the borrowed words. In this case, for a long time, 2 letters were immediately used to designate this sound: “Firth” and “Fit”. The latter was abolished in 1918. Native Russian words with the letter “f” are practically not found. Exceptions are only onomatopoeia (“snort”, “ugh, “Fu), as well as strongly modified words in the process of language development (“Fili “,” owl “).

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