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10 facts about Armenia, after which you want to drop everything and go on a trip

On October 21, the capital of Armenia turned 2,800 years old, and one can envy those who were personally fortunate enough to be present at this grand celebration. But in order to visit this hospitable and sunny country, do not need a reason. From the article you will learn why Yerevan is called East Paris and who was inspired by the ancient moccasins. And as a bonus, we will tell you how to save a lot on tours, get a discount in restaurants and visit museums for free.

Those who have visited Armenia at least once will definitely come back here for peace of mind, delicious food and clean air, for a piece of their own soul, which every tourist leaves here. And for those who have not had time to get acquainted with this country, AdMe.ru I collected the most compelling reasons for which you need to postpone all the usual routes and go on a journey, after which you will return as a different person.

Stroll through East Paris

There are many cafes in Yerevan with open terraces, for which the tourists affectionately called it Eastern Paris. And a special pleasure is to walk around the city at night: there is no sweltering heat (and in Armenia there are 300 sunny days a year), the streets are brightly lit with lanterns and a high level of security.

Armenians have an evening walk – a pleasant tradition, thanks to which they communicate and share news. Therefore, in the evening on the street you will find yourself in the thick of things, someone will surely talk to you. On the first evening, you will realize that it is simply impossible to stay here alone.

Find peace of mind

Armenia is the first country to adopt Christianity, and it is here that the most ancient temples are preserved. Local residents recommend starting their journey from the spiritual center – Vagharshapat (Echmiadzin), especially since it is located not far from Yerevan – just 30 minutes by bus. The unique buildings are located on the mountain tops, in the gorges and in the caves, so you will not only get acquainted with the world’s major shrines, but also fully enjoy nature.

Special attention is given to the monastery of Noravank, which is located among the red rocks. Despite the fact that it will be more difficult to get to it and the road will take more time, it’s just necessary to see this unusual place with your own eyes – you are guaranteed goosebumps of amazement.

Swim in the Armenian Sea

Inexperienced tourists cite the lack of the sea as one of the drawbacks of Armenia, while the experienced ones know that there is an excellent alternative. Lake Sevan is a real escape from the heat for travelers and residents of the environs of Yerevan.

The first place to visit Sevan is for fish lovers: here you can find Sevan runaway (barbel), cattle, trout and crayfish. You can catch fish and cook it for dinner on your own or make an order in a cafe with a stunning view of the lake. Prices are very affordable.

Get to know modern art

Armenians are creative people, so you will see many exhibition halls in the capital itself. Be sure to visit the gallery “Cascade” – modern art is at a decent level, you will be surprised by both unusual ideas of art objects and their execution. For example, the lion that is pictured above is made from car tires.

Learn about original culture

The real treasure of Armenia is its people. First of all, thanks to them it’s nice to get to know this country. The history of the Armenian people is incredibly rich and difficult, but few can surprise with such responsiveness, sensitivity and hospitality. Caucasian hospitality, better than any psychotherapist, heals spiritual wounds.

They receive guests as their relatives, so if you want to feel like a part of a large family, stop choosing not at large hotels, but at private guest houses. The owners will tell interesting stories and feed them wholeheartedly. On the table will surely be wine or brandy – get ready for toast.

Forget about diet

For whatever purpose you go to Armenia, your tour will turn into a gastronomic one anyway: kebabs, kebabs, steaks, shaurma, khash, dolma and delicious Armenian bread. Here you will understand what really well cooked meat is and what natural fruits and vegetables should taste like.

Learn to drink coffee

It is not wine or brandy that flows in Armenian veins, but surcance – that’s exactly what Armenians call coffee. This fragrant drink breaks all records of popularity, and during the day they drink it very often, even too much. Each family has its own secret of making coffee, but do not forget to look into the cup when you finish the drink, and ask the owner about the interpretation. Armenians love fortune telling, and forecasts made on the coffee grounds are commonplace.

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