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10 exercises for getting rid of belly fat that can be done at home

We all want to look healthy, because health is the key to happiness. But sometimes our tight schedule does not leave the possibility to go to the gym, and more often we are just too lazy to go somewhere from a cozy home to play sports. And yet, according to the study, weight loss leads the list of our New Year promises.

No more excuses! AdMe.ru I developed a home exercise routine to quickly say goodbye to a bored belly that doesn’t want to leave.

Perform these exercises at time intervals: “START” (20 seconds) and “STOP” (10 seconds). For each exercise, make 8 sets. Then arrange a minute break and proceed to the next exercise.

Jumps with a show of hands + berpi

Stand up straight, raise your arms above your head and jump, spreading your legs apart during the jump. Repeat 5 times.

And now bepery. Bend over, rest your palms on the floor. Then jump up and stretch your legs backwards in the support position, lying down so that you stand in the position of push-ups. Now jump again and return your feet to the starting position. Run berpee 1 time and repeat the first part of the exercise with jumping.

“Rock climber” + turns the body in the backrest lying

Start with Rock Climber. Stand in the plank position. Pull one knee to your chest as close as you can. Repeat the motion with the other knee. Perform 4 times with both feet.

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