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Bright pink manicure: 31 photos how you can do

Bright pink manicure: design ideas

How many shades of pink, so many reasons to choose it for a manicure. The brightest of them will brighten up the autumn days

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  • Gradient
  • French
  • Flowers
  • Quartz manicure
  • Matt Neon
  • White lacquer
  • Black lacquer
  • Silver glitter
  • Instructions for creating a bright pink manicure

Pink manicure traditionally preserves the reputation of one of the most feminine. Moreover, this rule is relevant at any time of the year and even in those cases when it comes to bright pink manicure. True, it is not added to the image with the same boldness as the “dusty” pink or gentle nude from this color range.

But if you still want to add some bright pink colors to your manicure, do not hesitate – this trick is now in trend.

  • Throwing fuchsia, juicy crimson or neon blinding eyes? They look equally good on nails and in a single-colored manicure, and in nail art.
  • Having a bright pink lacquer, you can fantasize for a long time, coming up with design options that would be nice to decorate your nails. And you can refer to the options of neil art from the podium – the masters who worked on the backstage, have already tested them on the models. Now their ideas will be useful to us in everyday life!

It seems that the ombra will remain at the peak of relevance for a long time. This effect looks elegant due to the smooth transition of one color to another, and also allows you to solve the problem of choice – to no longer have to oscillate between two shades that you want to use in manicure.

  • Combine bright pink gradient nail art with softer shades (for example, the color of strawberries with cream).
  • Another option is to add an intense pink transition in metallic.

This is a classic of the genre – and in pink it also looks great. The pink tips of the nails (graphic, patterned, beveled to the side for more originality) are definitely worth trying for a change. By the way, instead of a color varnish you can use, for example, pink glitter.

One of the nail trends of the season – drawings on a transparent background. Bright pink, try to bring out the floral patterns on the nails, after having covered them with a colorless varnish.

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