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Effect – kissed lips: 4 mandatory actions

How to achieve the effect of “kissed lips”

One of the most relevant and romantic beauty trends of this season is the very “effect of lips kissed”. We tell how to achieve it

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Before embarking on a technique that allows you to achieve the effect of “kissed lips”, decide what color you will use. In the trend – neon fuchsia and purple, dark berry shades, delicate pastel. Pay attention: make-up artists advise to make a choice in favor of a matte texture – it will stick well on the lips, and the tool will not spread and not be lubricated until the end of the day.

Where to begin? Prepare your lips: Apply a special base or some foundation to them. Follow the instructions below:

  • Apply a little lipstick in the middle of the lips. Using a lip brush, blend it so that the color almost goes “no” closer to the contour of the lips. Express option – to put a little lipstick on the fingertips and apply the patting movements in the center of the lips. By the way, a more expressive effect will be obtained if you also apply a little transparent gloss over the lipstick.
  • You will get a softer version if you first use lip balm and apply lipstick on top of it. Do not forget to carefully shade the tool so that the color is intense in the middle of the lips and barely manifested at the contour.
  • A more intricate version of creating the effect of “kissed lips” is created with the help of two lipsticks of different shades. Apply lighter on the entire surface of the lips, but not in a dense layer. Dark – only in the middle of the lips. Erase the border between the two colors so that one smoothly changes into the other.
  • An alternative to lipstick is a tint for lips. Thanks to this tool, you get the very translucent coating, which is meant by the effect of “kissed lips.” Apply a couple of drops in the center of the lips, close them a couple of times, and the tint will be distributed on the skin as needed, creating an ombre effect.

The effect of “kissed lips” can be a great addition to natural makeup. In case you use a very bright shade of lip aids, we advise you not to use bright eye makeup.

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