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Ointment Astin for effective treatment of joints

The drug Astin ointment for the joints is used as a supportive agent in inflammatory and other pathological processes with localization of symptoms in hard, soft and cartilage tissues. The drug is made on the basis of natural ingredients.

Due to this, the probability of a negative reaction is reduced. The tool is intended for external use.

Composition and forms of release

The drug is made in the form of a balm. The tube contains 75 ml of the substance. The active components are:

  • extract of coconut kernels;
  • olive oil;
  • extracts of fragrant martini, juniper berries, oregano, microalgae Hematococcus with healing astaxanthin in safflower oil with rosemary;
  • Valerian tincture.

Auxiliary components: Dimethicone, Vaseline oil; propylene glycol, parabens, diazolidinyl urea, fragrance, citric acid, octyldodecanol.

Therapeutic effect

The drug differs from its analogues in that it contains many natural components, each of which exhibits different properties. Martini fragrant extract It has an anti-inflammatory effect due to the presence of beta-sitosterol and harpagoside.

Due to the blockage of inflammation, the intensity of pain gradually decreases, swelling goes away. The fragrant martinia also contains glycosides, due to which the arthralgic effect is ensured.

This component in the composition of the product Astin is characterized by antimicrobial activity, lowers the level of cholesterol, uric acid. During therapy with a preparation containing fragrant martinia, the mobility of the joints returns. Auxiliary properties: diuretic, moderately sedative.

If excess fluid is excreted from the body, edema passes. The fragrant martini extract not only eliminates the symptoms, but also contributes to blocking degenerative-dystrophic processes in hard and cartilage tissues.

As a result, exacerbation of the disease of the joints appears less frequently.

Juniper berries contain volatile production, flavonoids, many organic acids, glycosides, tannins, natural bitterness, resin. Due to their composition, they exhibit a diuretic, bactericidal, moderately analgesic property, due to which pathological processes in diseases of the musculoskeletal system slow down. Berries are effective for gout and rheumatism.

Unlike other active ingredients in the composition of the drug Astin, this component exhibits a moderately analgesic property.

Oregano its properties are similar to the action of juniper berries. The herb is characterized by antiseptic properties, moderately affects the focus of inflammation, slightly reduces pain. The plant is more often used for diseases of the respiratory and digestive system.

However, in addition to the more effective components of oregano, their properties are strengthened, due to which recovery is accelerated.

Hematococcus microalgae – the most valuable component in the composition of the preparation. This is because it contains astaxanthin. This is the name of an antioxidant that is superior in efficiency to other substances of this group.

If this substance is contained in soft tissues in sufficient quantity, the risk of their oxidation is reduced. This property contributes to increased endurance.

Another function of astaxanthin is cell stabilization.

This antioxidant belongs to the carotenoid group. One of its functions is to protect against the negative effects of ultraviolet radiation, preventing the development of oxidative processes.

Thanks to astaxanthin, cell regeneration is activated, the risk of developing oncology is reduced, the nervous system is restored, and immunity is increased. There is a slowdown of degenerative processes in the body, which allows you to stop the destruction of cartilage and other types of tissues.

Another advantage of the antioxidant is anti-inflammatory action.

Additionally, the product includes Valerian tincture. Its action is directed to the work of the central nervous system. Properties valerian: sedative, sleeping pills.

With an increase in the excitability of the central nervous system, normalization of the state is noted due to this substance. At the same time eliminated spasm.

The need for a sedative occurs when, in the process of degenerative-destructive pathologies, the work of the central nervous system is disturbed (nerve is pinched), pain occurs due to spasm. Valerian is not effective enough, so it is used as an auxiliary measure.

Oils in the composition of the balm are used to give the desired consistency of the substance. In addition, they act as sources of nutrients, due to which the lack of vitamins and minerals can be partially compensated. For example, olive oil has a positive effect on blood vessels, reduces the concentration of harmful cholesterol.

Vitamin E and antioxidants in its composition support cells. These components hinder the development of degenerative processes.

Another property of olive oil is the strengthening of bone tissue.

Coconut Extract contains a large number of nutrients: vitamin B and C, glucose, sucrose, fructose, calcium, sodium, potassium, iron, thiamine, phosphorus, nicotinic acid. These components are involved in intracellular metabolic processes, which means that with the completion of their deficiency, the condition of the tissues improves, which is important for the degenerative-destructive processes that develop in the joints.

Indications for use

The drug is recommended for use in some cases:

  • arthritis;
  • arthrosis;
  • bursitis;
  • tendonitis;
  • osteochondrosis;
  • injuries;
  • rheumatism and other diseases of the musculoskeletal system, accompanied by the development of degenerative-destructive processes in the tissues.

The considered drug is used for inflammation in the joints, even if there are no pathological processes. In this case, the cause may be sprain, torn ligament, bruise, dislocation.

The drug does not have an aggressive effect on the body, so it is used as a supporting measure against the use of other, more effective means. It is also prescribed as the main measure for the prevention of exacerbations of the diseases listed above.


The drug is used quite widely. The only contraindication is the development of an individual negative reaction to any component in the composition.

Components are characterized by a mild action, so rarely provoke the development of hypersensitivity. However, the risk is still present, because the drug contains slightly common active ingredients.

To check if there is a reaction to the active ingredients in the composition, first, the balm is applied to a small area. The amount of substance should be minimal. The most sensitive areas of the skin: in the wrist and elbow area.

If after a few hours the negative manifestations do not occur, it is possible to apply the product to more extensive areas.

Instructions for use

The drug is permissible to use for an unlimited period. This is due to its mild effect on the body.

Use balm is recommended when the need arises: when there is pain, swelling in the area of ​​the affected joint, mobility is limited. Frequency of application – 3 times a day.

The outer cover is treated with a moderate amount of balm. The substance must be rubbed into the area of ​​the affected joint.

The drug should be completely absorbed. If the agent is left in a small amount on the outer covers (as happens with excessive application), it is removed with a napkin.

Often the inflammatory process develops in the depth of the tissue. In this case, you need to rub the tool with great effort.

However, there are some limitations: if a strong pain appeared on the background of degenerative-destructive processes, this method will not work, since an intense impact will lead to a deterioration of the joint condition.

Balsam is applied on peeled outer integument. And it is important that the skin was not damaged.

Through any scratches, the active ingredients will penetrate into the blood, having a stronger effect not only on soft and hard cartilage tissues, but also on internal organs. It is forbidden to cover the treated area of ​​the outer covers with a bandage.

Side effects and overdose

The drug does not provoke the development of negative reactions. Most often it is well tolerated by patients. However, the risk of hypersensitivity is still present.

If the patient has a tendency to allergies, then the likelihood of negative manifestations of allergies increases. Symptoms: rash, itching, swelling, external covers turn red.

Cases of overdose of drug Astin are not fixed. With prolonged use and against the background of a periodic change of treatment regimen, negative reactions do not develop. This is due to the fact that the composition of the drug includes a large number of nutrients of plant origin, which help to compensate for the deficiency of vitamins and minerals in the tissues of the body.

The probability of an overabundance of active ingredients is low, since the tool simultaneously restores metabolic processes at the cellular level, therefore, substances are relatively quickly transformed.

special instructions

For sale drug without a prescription. This dietary supplement does not contain aggressive ingredients, due to this, Astin can be freely purchased.

The shelf life of the drug – 18 months from the date of release. The recommended temperature in the room is not higher than + 25 ° C.

The container with the balm must be tightly closed.

Before purchasing, it is necessary to take into account that the considered agent is not effective enough, therefore it cannot be used for monotherapy of diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Balsam is characterized by moderate efficacy.

It eliminates the symptoms of the pathological process, but its cause acts indirectly.

Features during pregnancy and lactation

Astin has almost no contraindications and side effects. Despite this, it is better not to use it during pregnancy and lactation. This is due to the lack of studies of the negative effects of the main components on the woman’s body and the fetus.

Hence, there is a risk of the development of pathological processes, and their occurrence and course cannot be controlled, taking into account the condition of the woman. For these reasons, dietary supplements are not used or used only for health reasons.

Use in childhood

The instructions for the drug have information that the drug has no restrictions on the use in the treatment of patients of different age categories. So, children are allowed to apply a balm on the skin in places where the inflammatory process develops.

However, the patient’s age in this case is included in the group of relative contraindications. For this reason, the tool must be used for health reasons, when the likely benefit exceeds the harm.

Interaction with other drugs

Mark a number of substances that should not be prescribed at the same time as a balm. Prohibited preparations containing such components:

  • erythromycin;
  • niacin;
  • cyclosporine;
  • diltiazem;
  • digoxin;
  • fusidic acid.

With the rest of the drugs Astin is permissible to use. Due to this, the balm is used as part of complex therapy with chondroprotectors, anti-inflammatory, analgesic drugs, as well as with antispasmodics, sedatives.

The cost of the drug and where to buy

Astin can be purchased for 135 rubles. Price is fixed for all regions, without discount. Sold Astin in pharmacies.

It is possible to order it online.

If the drug does not provide the desired result or if hypersensitivity has developed to any of the components, substitutes may be considered. Moreover, it is permissible to apply the funds in different forms: gel, cream or ointment, as well as tablets, capsules, solution for the implementation of injections. Analogs may differ in composition, but they must provide the same or similar results as Astin.

Consider both single and multicomponent drugs.

Diclofenac belongs to the group of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. This is a one-component tool. The active ingredient is the compound of the same name.

Diclofenac can be purchased in pill form. Its main properties: anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antipyretic.

The drug in tablet form has an effect on the entire body. Thanks to Diclofenac, inflammation is inhibited, while pain passes. The tool acts only on pathological processes, which helps to reduce side effects.

The dosage can be chosen any depending on the intensity of the disease. The advantage of this tool is the ability to assign not only adults but also children.

However, there is a risk of developing a large number of side effects that encompass different systems of the body.

Nise – Another type of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agent. Given that Astin has a greater effect on the effects of degenerative-destructive processes than on their causes, the choice of a substitute should be guided by the same criteria.

For example, Nise is selective. It inhibits the production of only COX-2 enzymes that are involved in the development of the process of inflammation.

The drug is available in tablets. It is designed specifically for the edema of negative manifestations in developing pathologies of the musculoskeletal system. However, there are also disadvantages – numerous contraindications.

Thus, the tool Nise is not used for severe liver damage, gastrointestinal diseases, kidney dysfunction, extensive symptoms on the external covers with dermatitis and other skin diseases. Children are allowed to take medicine, but not earlier than 2 years.

Bystrumgel contains ketoprofen. The drug belongs to the group of NSAIDs. The main properties are the same as in the previously discussed tools.

However, Bystrumgel has an effect on the enzymes of different groups: COX-1, COX-2. Because of this, the negative impact on the internal organs increases.

First of all, the stomach suffers. The drug is prescribed for inflammatory processes in the joints, as well as for injuries, bruises.

Ketonal – a drug group NSAIDs, is a direct analogue of Bystrumgel. This tool is available in different forms, which makes it possible to choose the appropriate option, taking into account the localization of negative manifestations, the intensity of the inflammatory process.

For the rest of the criteria, Ketonal does not differ from Bystrumgel.

Chondroitin – You can purchase such a product in the form of capsules and gel. The active ingredient is the same substance in the form of sulfate. Chondroitin belongs to the group of high molecular mucopolysaccharides.

This is the main building component of cartilage tissue. If it is not enough, destructive processes develop.

The cartilage becomes thinner, which leads to pain in the joint.

If you regularly fill the lack of chondroitin, you can stop the development of pathological processes. Due to this, the intensity of manifestations of inflammation decreases, pain decreases.

The drug is intended for the treatment of spinal joints, osteochondrosis. This limits its use.

The benefits include the minimum number of contraindications: lactation, pregnancy, hypersensitivity to any component in the composition.

There are also a number of relative restrictions to the use of funds: the tendency to bleeding, thrombophlebitis. The course of treatment with such a remedy is always long – from 6 months and more.

Side effects are few: nausea, vomiting, allergic reaction.

Valeria, 33 years old, Samara

Astin is an affordable drug that relieves a bit of the condition in case of inflammation of the joints. Given that the disease has passed into the chronic form, every time there is no desire to use aggressive means.

This will lead to disruption of the internal organs, for example, if you use non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Astin is an easy means of action, it can be used for a long time without fear of side effects.

Karina, 38, Perm

Affordable drugs always prefer more expensive counterparts. Astin alone is ineffective.

It does not help with arthritis, it was tested on various relatives who used it. And with injuries, bruises, the drug works better – removes swelling, the pain becomes less pronounced.

At the same time, mobility is preserved, which I consider to be a significant advantage, since after the restoration of joint function it is necessary to develop it. If you use Astin, then this will not have to be done, or the rehabilitation period will be shortened: after applying the balm, the bone condition improves, thereby eliminating the need to lie in bed all the time and wait until the effects of the injury are eliminated.

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