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Medical plaster from osteochondrosis

Medical osteochondrosis patch is a new invention that not all patients have heard of. Osteochondrosis is one of the most common problems of the spine, which is often found even in young people.

Most lead a sedentary lifestyle and have insufficient physical activity. In addition, the cause of the development of this disease can be an uneven distribution of the load on the spine, for example, when carrying a bag or backpack in one hand, as well as being overweight.

In osteochondrosis, intervertebral discs, articular cartilage and vertebral tissue are affected, with the result that the main symptoms of the disease are discomfort and pain in the lower back, thoracic back, and neck. If you let everything go to chance, then the appearance of such complications as a hernia, radiculitis, a stroke of the spinal cord, and even paralysis of the legs. In osteochondrosis of the lumbar spine, pain can pass to the legs and buttocks.

One of the current methods of treatment of this disease is the use of a medical patch for osteochondrosis.

Types of patches

Like many drugs, the product exists in various forms. It all depends on the way they act, as well as on the presence in the composition of substances useful to the body.

Depending on the type and stage of the disease, you can choose the patch that is most suitable.

  1. Pepper patch for osteochondrosis is very popular as a means to eliminate pain. It consists of hot peppers, which irritate the skin, resulting in blood flow to the site, which hurts. Especially convenient pepper patch for cervical osteochondrosis. The composition has an extract of belladonna, contributing to the removal of muscle spasm and has an analgesic effect. Due to this, the edema disappears from the tissues and the normal process of nourishing with the necessary trace elements comes to normal.
  2. Pain relievers for osteochondrosis of the cervical spine are an innovative method of treating this disease. They are not as widespread as pepper, but there is a perception that this type of product can not only relieve pain, but even eliminate its cause. These include Versatis (lidocaine is used as a painkiller) and Volteran (diclofenac is included). Painkiller affects the nerves, while blocking pain signals. The same properties have funds with novocaine.
  3. The warming plaster warms the sore spot of the back, the muscles and relaxes them. Ketonal is referred to this type. There are anti-inflammatory patches and those that act on the principle of reflecting heat and saving it in the right place.
  4. Since ancient times, Asia has been famous for its traditional medicine, especially China. It is Chinese patches that are very popular on the market now, and they are also presented in a wide range. Among them Dasetszy, which consists of: bee and scorpion venom, ant powder, as well as medicinal herbs. Take this drug for various diseases of the spine, including osteochondrosis.

Another remedy that China has donated is Mao Zheng. Its effect is achieved due to the properties of the magnetic field along with healing herbs.

China is one of the main producers of a huge number of various types of patch for the treatment of osteochondrosis.

Known and tiger option that stimulates blood circulation. It relieves inflammation and pain. Xinyi remedy is successfully used both from osteochondrosis of the neck, and to combat severe pain or simply unpleasant sensations of the thoracic and lumbar spine.

These and many other Chinese patches are widely distributed and readily available.

Impact of funds

Due to the presence of beneficial elements in the composition, the treatment can be replaced by various preparations, and in some cases, the adhesive backbone helps even better injections. The healing components under the influence of the heat of the human body penetrate the skin into the muscles, joints and nerves.

Due to this, the adhesive substance contributes to the process of restoring damaged tissues, the protective properties of the body and the work of the nervous system. It has beneficial effects on cartilage tissue, nourishes them with essential nutrients and moisture.

Funds that help with various diseases of the back, very light and easy to use, moreover, they are practically harmless. Plasters are very popular with osteochondrosis of the cervical region due to ease of use, because they can be worn under clothing without experiencing any discomfort.

However, using patches, do not expect them to instant effect.

They begin to act in about 30 minutes, and within the next few hours the anesthetic effect increases. But this process is purely individual, because for each patient the result may manifest itself in different ways.

For example, in some people, improvements can be seen already at the very first application, and someone will need to wait a few weeks.

Application and contraindications

The rules for using the patch are simple, but after the purchase you should carefully read the instructions, because this or that type may have its own characteristics. Proper use will ensure that the tool performs its functions and reduces the likelihood of side effects.

There are two points of view on where to glue the plaster.

According to the first, it should be applied to the place where pain is felt. Before this, it is advisable to wash the skin with alcohol, wipe with a napkin or towel, and then fix the adhesive sheet. Sticking, it is necessary to ensure that the skin was dry.

It is not recommended to apply at the same time more than 3 plasters.

Some advocate a different point of view and a slightly different method of application, explaining that by a more effective effect. The essence of the method is that the plaster is cut into several parts and glued to the most biologically active points, and not to diseased areas of the body. The time of wearing different types of plaster can vary from 3 to 12 hours, and some of them can be worn even for 3 days in a row.

But after removal, before the next application, you need to give the skin a rest, so you can apply the plaster again not earlier than after 12 hours.

Do not reuse the same patch. As a rule, 5-6 sessions of such treatment are enough, which lasts a total of about a month.

But each brand can have its own individual characteristics, described in the instructions. You can not continuously wear the patch for more than 2 months in a row.

Despite the simplicity of this tool, it is necessary to take seriously this method of treatment of osteochondrosis. So, you can not use the patch:

  • on injured skin;
  • with open wounds;
  • in the presence of skin diseases.

This is especially true for pepper patch.

Contraindications to the use of the patch: pregnancy, breastfeeding, circulatory problems, liver and kidney disease, diabetes, intolerance to individual components. No serious side effects were noted when using the patch.

But redness, irritation and other manifestations of an allergic reaction are possible.

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