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Horoscope for May 2019 on the signs of the zodiac: woman and man

Everyone loves the month of May: it’s already warm, but there is still no summer heat, and at the beginning of the month there is a string of holidays and weekends. May seems to be a rainbow and long-awaited, full of positive events.

Unfortunately, astrologers are forced to disappoint all those who have great hopes for the end of spring and expect only positive things from him.

The fifth month of the year will become a forge in which the future will be forged, and this process will be difficult and difficult. The main blows of the hammer of fate will fall on the areas of work and finance. This area will be so unstable in a negative way that esotericists unanimously recommend keeping away from work altogether.

If possible, plan a long May vacation. If there is no chance to leave, try to take at least a few days off. Pre-check with the lunar calendar to know the most dangerous days in which there is a high probability of getting problems with the boss.

The second area that makes you nervous is relationships. Heads of absolutely all signs will be clogged with work problems and attempts to stabilize the financial situation.

Because of this, your other half will be nervous and annoyed, because she (he) has a similar situation in life. You both need each other’s support, but both don’t have the time, the strength, or, frankly, the desire.

The horoscope for May, 2019 for all signs of the zodiac will tell you how to avoid the most unpleasant conflicts and get around acute situations so that the month will not be as negative as the location of the main planets promises.

Horoscope for May 2019 on the signs of the zodiac: woman and man

Horoscope for May 2019 on the signs of the zodiac: woman and man

Your May will pass under the sign of the past. All the time, you will want to look back, analyze your actions and, in the end, regret a lot.

Pessimism will push you on the path of mistakes that are fraught with tangible problems, much more serious than you can imagine.

Look ahead and leave the past behind. Moreover, you will be lucky in finance, and on the personal front, you will avoid trouble. And check the status of your suitcase or travel bag – you will have several busy trips.

Horoscope for May 2019 on the signs of the zodiac: woman and man

Taurus in May is to do their health, especially the back. The source of the problems can be physical stress.

At the workplace, in the gym, during repairs – right up to June, avoid stressing the back, bone and muscle frame of this area. The rest of the month promises to be calm.

At some point you will be overwhelmed by nostalgia, wanting to see relatives and childhood friends. Do not deny yourself this, even if you have to leave home for a short time. Meetings with old acquaintances will lead you to a great mood. This is useful, because at the end of May, numerous troubles and worries related to your family will fall on you.

Horoscope for May 2019 on the signs of the zodiac: woman and man

As for the monetary situation, the Twins are the real lucky ones. If the remaining signs of the situation with money at the best, just stable, then you can even improve their well-being.

There is a high chance that you will not even have to make efforts for this: you will receive a gift, a generous reward for a long-standing service.

Lucky and in love, especially those who are just looking for a new relationship. An important acquaintance will start easily and naturally, and it will be developed smoothly in the future as well. Just keep alert: on the wings of love and success, you can fly into the hands of fraudsters. Activities of scammers in the month will be particularly active.

Horoscope for May 2019 on the signs of the zodiac: woman and man

Horoscope for Cancers, indicates that these people in May will face depressive conditions, a feeling of depression, depression and apathy.

A bad mood will be so deep that it will affect even health. You can understand: May is really not the best time. Stars predict deception, coming from the most unexpected side.

Someone will have to face the betrayal of a loved one, and someone will circle around the finger and be involved in financial fraud. But no matter how terrible the situation may seem to you, try to maintain faith in the best. After total bad luck in everything, you will quickly grow.

Horoscope for May 2019 on the signs of the zodiac: woman and man

Representatives of this sign will change their social, sociable character. He wants to retire, run away from problems.

At the end of spring, Leo will have to solve a million questions: deal with finances that will be on the verge of singing romances, settle matters with relatives who will be constantly unhappy, although there will be no apparent reason for this.

In this light, the decision to leave everything and spend time alone with nature will be the most correct. Take a breather; to your return, much of the trouble will be settled by itself.

Horoscope for May 2019 on the signs of the zodiac: woman and man

Both in work and in personal life Dev will have neither stability nor positivity. But you should pay tribute to you: you will encounter troubles fully armed.

Difficulties urge you to new achievements. With pleasure agree to take additional shifts or hours at work, sit with juvenile pedigrees, help a lonely friend with repairs.

All efforts spent in May will bring very unexpected, but pleasant results over time. However, avoid overworking. Increased activity will cause headaches and migraines, which will be difficult to cope with even with medication.

Horoscope for May 2019 on the signs of the zodiac: woman and man

Libra may bring career growth, help you get up and strengthen in a new position or a new job. During this period, expect the appearance of useful contacts, do not hesitate to get acquainted with those who seem to you interesting.

Also offer your ideas – one of them will shoot exactly. Relationships also bring you satisfaction. The second half will try to please you in everything – just to make you a little bit happier. If the lover is not there, then by the beginning of summer such a person will surely appear.

Horoscope for May 2019 on the signs of the zodiac: woman and man

For Scorpios, the third spring month will be a cure. The old chronic diseases will recede, the body will improve, the overall tone and immunity will increase.

If you have been treating something for a long time, now you can take a break from medication and just maintain the result (of course, with the full consent of your doctor).

On the other hand, your personal life is waiting for adversity. Many Scorpios will be on the verge of breaking. You can save a couple, only if you fully take the side of your half, even if you remain in the soul do not agree with his or her opinion. In work and finance changes are not expected.

Horoscope for May 2019 on the signs of the zodiac: woman and man

Sagittarius capture the passion, as if they would be the heroes of a Bollywood film. Jealousy, suspicion, rejection, sudden truth – a flurry of emotions will seriously shake even established relationships. If the negative is not curbed, even perennial marriages will be under threat of collapse.

There is also a difficult situation with finances, although Strelets Troops are ready for a small crisis since the beginning of spring. Excitement and stress will affect health.

There may be pressure surges, for which you should definitely go to the doctor. Your care will help the body to recuperate, and the treatment will bring more benefits this month.

Horoscope for May 2019 on the signs of the zodiac: woman and man

The month of change is what your May is, Capricorns. You will experience completely new feelings. Family Capricorns waiting for an acquaintance that will enthrall you more than you need. From your decisions now will depend not only your life, but also the fate of all involved in the situation.

In addition, you yourself want to change something, and, fundamentally change. New work, a different sphere of activity, a new place of life – all this will become real and desirable for you.

All that will turn into reality will only benefit you. Therefore, do not listen to other people’s objections and do what you want.

Horoscope for May 2019 on the signs of the zodiac: woman and man

Aquarius in May to solve two global problems. First, find a common language with a loved one. Quarrels about money will not lead you to anything good, so look for compromises. The stars assign this mission to you.

Secondly, it’s time to take care of your body. Revise the diet, go to a more healthy and healthy food. You may experience vitamin deficiencies and an imbalance of minerals. Against the background of improving the quality of nutrition is not superfluous to exercise.

Horoscope for May 2019 on the signs of the zodiac: woman and man

Lonely Pisces is time to do personal life. Stop looking for excuses for not having enough time and a lot of work — both time and work allow you to build relationships.

If you do not resolve the issue now, loneliness will be delayed, and will soon cease to please you. The trips will help in this matter, both for work and for the soul.

Meet and do not avoid communication if they meet you. Your health, career, and financial situation are stable in May, so you can quietly close your eyes to minor problems. After a short time, everything will be decided by itself.

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