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Horoscope for December 2019 for all zodiac signs: for a month for women and men

In December 2019, all the signs of the star promise large spending and a lot of pleasant family troubles, but, a stable financial position and positive, in general, the results of the year will make it possible to survive them without difficulty.

This month will pass under the sign of healthy fatalism: it is recommended not to force the course, but to trust in fate, even if it is not too comfortable now.

In the first week, many will face a change of status on the love front on the relationship; for family people, news of the expectation of an heir is not excluded. Career growth is also very likely, as well as unexpected large financial injections.

At the same time, an incorrect interpretation of what is happening, a cautious attitude towards surprises and a desire to take everything under control promise some serious problems, even separation from loved ones, friends and family scandals. It is very important for people with vulnerable psyche to remain calm, because for them there is a great chance of nervous breakdown.

Horoscope for December 2019 for all zodiac signs: for a month for women and men

Horoscope for December 2019 for all zodiac signs: for a month for women and men

The first week of December will put Aries before a difficult choice: promising and responsible work on a project with a prize in the form of career growth and an award, or having a pleasant time with your partner somewhere in the resort.

The preference of the second to the end of the year may end with the news about the addition to the family, and the choice in favor of work will inevitably lead to a deterioration of the domestic climate.

But, everything can be corrected, if you wisely spend the profits – on the very journey and gifts for the New Year. True, the situation will be complicated by the fact that the entire month will have to make these difficult decisions alone – the slightest appeal for advice to the side threatens the collapse of all plans.

Horoscope for December 2019 for all zodiac signs: for a month for women and men

The beginning of the month for Taurus is marked by difficulties in the family due to excessive employment at work. Moreover, they physically will not be able to devote enough time to relationships due to emergency rush jobs, and working overtime to fix everything or finish everything in time.

Probably serious quarrels on this ground with his half. And reconciliation is to connect the charm of friends, otherwise the gap may become final.

The second and third weeks will be much calmer, they are well dedicated to joint household chores. We recommend any pleasant changes and new things in life – wardrobe, interior, exterior … Lonely Taurus by the end of the year will be able to find their destiny, and it is precisely the relationship tied at the end of this December that threaten to go into marriage.

But at the same time, the spouses of this sign must be vigilant, since the chance of adultery is very likely for their elects. In terms of health, it is recommended to dress warmly and avoid viruses for the entire month – possible throat diseases.

Horoscope for December 2019 for all zodiac signs: for a month for women and men

The horoscope for Gemini indicates that in December they will seek solitude and freedom, they may even run away from everything on a solo trip to rest. The fact is that they are extremely tired of the advice and participation of friends and relatives in their lives. It is not excluded that on this journey they will meet the love of all life, that for the free representatives of this sign they will end in marriage, and for married men they will break the old relationship.

As for the career, there will be a real firework of emotions and events associated with a serious increase, it is even possible that with a change of residence. And for Gemini suffering from instability of family relationships, this will be a great way to strengthen relationships.

Yes, and from a financial point of view it will be very profitable. On health, just this month it is worth checking in advance at the dentist – problems in this area are very likely.

Horoscope for December 2019 for all zodiac signs: for a month for women and men

Even at the first half of the month, Cancers will be able to mobilize at work so that they will complete everything long before the New Year, and they will have plenty of time and opportunity to pay attention to their half, friends and relatives.

In the middle there will be a slight fatigue from such a famously taken pace, but by the last week it will pass and even the strength will appear to start something new. At the end of the year, the Stars are promised an interesting acquaintance to the Cancers, if, of course, they overdo their natural shyness.

Stressful situations in December, this sign is better to treat with the help of pre-Christmas troubles and home routine. It is also a great time to stop, look at your life from the outside, evaluate everything and think about what you would like to fix.

In short, time begins for the self-analysis that can significantly improve the state of self-analysis, reassess the past and plan for the future, taking into account all of this.

Horoscope for December 2019 for all zodiac signs: for a month for women and men

Lions, unlike in the past months, will finally begin to favor fate: it will be good in work and in personal relationships. For the closure of important issues and delivery of projects is better to start the month. But the middle will be the ideal period for the holidays, which is so necessary for the tired Leo.

Before the New Year, it is better to be at home, in order not to rush to do all the preparations, and to quietly build all the plans for the future. In relations, this period will be marked by many bright meetings, which have every chance to grow into something serious, yes, and in general, a period of fun and courage begins, and in such an atmosphere, this sign will feel perfect.

In the workplace it is recommended to avoid spontaneous decisions and the desire to achieve their own, by all means. Also, in no case can one neglect diplomacy and tact, and we must remember that the slightest deception is fraught with very serious consequences now.

In any case, it is important to connect your own life experience and sense to the solution of any task, critically weigh each idea and consider everything through the prism of its moral principles.

Horoscope for December 2019 for all zodiac signs: for a month for women and men

The beginning of December for Dev will be marked by the cleanup of tails and the closing of all affairs. When the burden of all the unresolved falls from its shoulders, it will be possible to calmly study the results of the outgoing year and make plans for the next.

Do not refuse the help of an influential person during this period – it can be very helpful in achieving success. All this activity is recommended to combine with increased attention to domestic affairs. It is possible that there will be a chance to move to a new home.

At the end of the month it will be very useful for Virgo to prepare surprises and gifts for her close ones – this will bring her much joy and pleasure.

But overly ambitious tasks should be abandoned at this time irrevocably, otherwise unfinished business will crawl in the coming year, and for this sign it is highly undesirable. Yes, and in general, it is better to prefer concentration on one thing rather than grasping at everything and in the end have no time for anything.

In their personal lives, Virgos will have to find a balance between the attention of the family and their work activities. But her ability to plan everything and put everything on the shelves will help to cope with this, the main thing to remember about past experience. Lonely representatives of the sign will be able to find their half in the second half of December.

Horoscope for December 2019 for all zodiac signs: for a month for women and men

Weights will have a chance to earn good money at the beginning of the month, but we must remember that dubious projects and brave adventures are not your strong point. In the middle of the month, it is good to look back and evaluate your activities this year, to realize which baggage from all that happened is better to carry over to the next year, and about what – to forget irrevocably.

It is also in the second or third week that it is worth proceeding to the completion of all cases. New Year holidays are better spent traveling abroad or visiting relatives. But remember, any rash decision at the end of the month is fraught with serious problems for you!

In general, in December, Libra’s analytical skills will have to strain to the limit – a very important choice has to be made, on which the future will depend. You need to carefully weigh and calculate the consequences, and do not neglect the advice of friends and relatives.

Representatives of this sign, who are still single, should think about the beginning of the New Year that it’s time to radically change something in their appearance and wardrobe.

Horoscope for December 2019 for all zodiac signs: for a month for women and men

The horoscope indicates that this sign of the month is expected to be very positive – with rich romantic relationships at the beginning of December and with a sudden financial surprise in the middle. The latter can mean both an occasional large profit, and a well-deserved reward for the work done.

The third decade will give the necessary respite, you can safely take up the understanding of the results of the outgoing year and planning. And its end promises to be, though pleasant, but very fussy, but not burdensome.

It is very important in striving for everything to be in time and willing to help all those in need of attention, not to forget about the closest people – now the support and attention of Scorpio are more important than ever. But, this sign is not accustomed to such chaos and richness of life, so if he strives to cultivate the fighting spirit and good mood in every possible way, he can easily cope with everything.

Horoscope for December 2019 for all zodiac signs: for a month for women and men

Sagittarius is better to spend the beginning of December on a trip – this can be a business trip, in which you will meet a very useful and influential person in the future, as well as a family vacation or having fun with friends at home.

If this sign manages to seize the moment by virtue of its natural charm and ability to communicate, it will achieve noticeable improvements both in career and in personal relationships.

The middle of the period threatens with insignificant problems with money, but if you connect relatives to their decision in time, everything will pass with almost no losses. It is possible that this month, married Sagittarius will have a pet in the house.

For singles, there is a chance of a pleasant acquaintance, but, unfortunately, a fleeting and promising only disappointment. Because of this, the rest of the month the sign will lead you into thinking how to forget about it.

By the way, right now an ideal period is coming for him about changing his lifestyle – a different mode and diet will help solve many health problems. It is also a good time to get rid of bad habits.

Horoscope for December 2019 for all zodiac signs: for a month for women and men

The whole of December for Capricorns will pass under the sign of purification from all the problems of the past – they will cross the invisible line, beyond which the white stripe of life begins. Right now, it is worth waiting for them to break the ties that had burdened them before, and they will do it with their inherent spontaneity and tactlessness. Because of this behavior, serious complications in relations with relatives are possible.

If Capricorn was previously unhappy in marriage, it is the third or fourth week of the month that will be a turning point in order to make a decision to file for divorce. Also, he may suddenly quit his bored job.

But one should not think that all these losses will have a bad effect on Capricorn – such a symbolic release from all that is superfluous promises very quick changes for the better: a new hobby, a romantic meeting and interesting professional activities.

By the way, right now you should take a closer look at your hobbies – this is a favorable period in order to make them a full source of income. True, all this is implemented, if you carefully monitor the health – there may be joint problems and diseases of the respiratory system.

Horoscope for December 2019 for all zodiac signs: for a month for women and men

Aquarius will have a period in December when it will be important not to lose work, therefore, even if there is something wrong there, they will have to connect all their patience and endurance in order not to lose their temper and keep their labor status.

It is worth every effort to avoid pressure from management and conflicts with employees, otherwise this can not be achieved. As a result, severe depression is likely, and it is very useful to seek family assistance in time.

In a relationship with Aquarius, everything will be unchanged. The married representatives of this sign will have to immerse themselves in the traditional whirl of pre-New Year worries all month, and bachelors just before the New Year will have a fleeting, unburdening novel that will end very soon.

It is highly recommended that this month be prudent with finances and leave a good safety cushion in this regard – very soon the family will require serious and urgent spending.

Horoscope for December 2019 for all zodiac signs: for a month for women and men

Almost all of December, Pisces will enjoy financial stability, and their overall level of income will even allow them to make a long-awaited large purchase. Not excluded acquisitions in the field of transport or real estate.

But, if this waste was not carefully foreseen in advance and calculated, very soon this sign is waiting for a serious disappointment in it, since it will empty all reserves. True, by the end of the month significant assistance will come from a new source, which so far Pisces does not even suspect. So in the end everything will end well.

As for personal relationships, representatives of this sign will have a hard time, because at home the second half, and professional activities will require maximum return from them.

By the end of the year, Pisces will be so exhausted by this situation that they face serious mental problems, and it is possible that they will even need medical help. And, of course, it will be necessary to have a well-deserved rest in solitude, for which it is advised to leave as far as possible, in a real wilderness.

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