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Mydocalm is on prescription or not and why

If necessary, remove excess muscle tension, the doctor may recommend the use of Mydocalm. It is advisable for the patient to immediately clarify whether Mydocalm is sold by prescription or not.

This will help avoid misunderstandings in the pharmacy.

Pharmacological features

Mydocalm belongs to the group of centrally-acting muscle relaxants. It goes on sale in the form of tablets or solution for injections.

The composition of the tablets include tolperisone in the amount of 50 or 150 mg. The solution contains 100 mg of tolperisone hydrochloride and 2.5 mg of lidocaine.

Not all patients know if this active ingredient is a prescription, so you should find out in advance if you need a prescription when buying Mydocalm.

The effect of the drug is not fully understood. When using drugs based on tolperisone, it is observed:

  • local anesthetic and membrane stabilizing effect;
  • inhibition of the conduction of impulses in nerve cells, thereby blocking spinal polysynaptic and monosynaptic reflexes;
  • secondary containment of the process of release of mediators by delaying admission to the synapses of Ca 2+;
  • the deterioration of the excitation in the brain stem along the reticulospinal pathway;
  • increased blood flow in peripheral vessels.

A remedy called Mydocalm has a weak adrenoblocking and antispasmodic effect when taken.

Drugstore order

The instructions for use of the drug Mydocalm indicated that this remedy should be dispensed with a doctor’s prescription.. But, as evidenced by reviews of patients and their relatives, in many drugstores Mydocalm without prescriptions for sale.

Although in 2017, when going to the pharmacy, people began to face problems: the conditions for the sale of many medicines have changed. Mydocalm, which they had previously acquired without a prescription, disappeared from free sale. Of course, there are also pharmacies where over-the-counter supply of medicines is provided.

This is based on the desire of pharmacy owners to get the maximum profit. The price at such pharmacy points for Mydocalm may be higher.

But under the law, all medicines that are not included in the list of over-the-counter products should be realized only after the presentation of the relevant document from the doctor. Buy prescription Mydocalm will be much easier.

The penalty for selling prescription medications to patients who do not have an appropriate document from a doctor is up to 50,000 rubles. Over time, the sanctions want to tighten: pharmacies that violate the rules threaten to close for up to 90 days.

Many people think that it is possible to bypass the order of the Ministry of Health if you buy an analogue of Mydocalm. The situation will not change. Tolperisone is not on the list of medicines that can be freely sold.

Therefore, for any tool made on its basis, will have to take the recipe. The same situation with other muscle relaxants.

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