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Mydocalm for menstruation – whether or not

With muscle spasms, muscle relaxants can help alleviate the condition. Knowing this effect, many use Mydocalm during menstruation. This tool is often prescribed to patients with osteochondrosis, which is accompanied by protective muscle spasm.

But with menstrual pain, it also helps to normalize well-being.

The principle of the drug

When taking pills or using Mydocalm pricks, the transmission of nerve impulses from the muscle tissue to the spinal cord and back is blocked. Neurotransmitters are involved in the transmission of these impulses, which are located in synapses – areas where nerve cell processes join.

Receiving the specified drug contributes to blocking the release of neurotransmitters. This action is achieved by reducing the calcium ions in the synapse.

But among indications for the use of pain when there is no monthly . Most often, this drug is used for spasms of striated muscles, with circulating lesions of blood vessels, and children’s spastic paralysis.

Characteristics of menstrual pain

Understand whether to take Mydocalm during menstruation, you can, if you understand the causes of discomfort during menstruation. During this period, the inner layer of the uterus is rejected and removed with the blood out of the vagina.

With menstruation, the uterus may begin to contract intensively so that all parts of the endometrium come out.

The muscular layer is reduced – myometrium. It consists of 3 layers of smooth muscle fibers located in a straight, oblique and circular direction.

Causes of severe pain during menstruation:

  • tissue swelling during the pre-subdrial period;
  • anatomical disorders;
  • a surplus of prostaglandins that stimulate the contraction of smooth muscle muscles;
  • low levels of enkephalins, endorphins;
  • high pain sensitivity;
  • failure 2 phase.

With intense pain, accompanied by general weakness, fever, vomiting, nausea, consultation of a doctor is required. It will help to figure out how to alleviate the condition and eliminate the causes of discomfort.

Most commonly prescribed antispasmodics and analgesics. Although Mydocalm during menstruation also helps.

This drug is recommended to take in combination with any analgesic.

Features of use

Mydocalm is sold in most pharmacies. But in the instructions for use indicated that the release of this medication is carried out on prescription.

Therefore, it is advisable to consult with the gynecologist and ask if you should drink the drug Mydocalm during menstruation. The doctor can choose a more effective tool.

After all, Myodocalm is not intended to relieve spasms of smooth muscles that are observed during menstruation.

If the doctor prescribes Mydocalm, then he must specify which tablets to acquire 50 or 150 mg. The price of a pack of 30 tablets of 50 mg will cost 300 p., 150 mg – 370 p. Some recommend injections.

But more often gynecologists prescribe not Mydocalm or analogues, but antispasmodics that affect smooth muscle.

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