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Levomekol with barley on the eye: is it possible to apply and how to do it

Barley is a fairly common disease characterized by inflammation of the small hair follicle at the growth of eyelashes. Levomekol with barley on the eye is often used in both adults and children, causes a minimum of side effects and helps the body cope with an unpleasant disease.

Barley – what is it

Barley – purulent inflammation of the mouth of the hair follicle eyelashes. The disease usually proceeds favorably, in persons with good immunity does not cause complications. In almost one hundred percent of cases, the cause of barley eyes is Staphylococcus aureus.

This pathology has a peculiarity: some people have barley on their eyes several times a year during their lives, other people are not at all prone to such a disease and have never come across it.

Barley on the eye occurs when the infection penetrates into the hair sac of one or several eyelashes. The infection can get in contact by touching the eye with unwashed hands. Bacterial agents can also be carried by the bloodstream from other pathological foci in the body (tonsillitis, carious teeth, chronic pancreatitis).

For the occurrence of the disease is not only the penetration of the microorganism, it is also necessary to reduce the immune forces of the body. Only in the aggregate of these factors can the disease manifest itself.

Most often, barley on the eye pops up in individuals who are often exposed to hypothermia, with concomitant chronic diseases of the endocrine and digestive system, and streets with immunodeficiencies and long-running infectious processes. People at risk need to follow basic rules of personal hygiene, sanitize all foci of infection in the body in time, use only personal hygiene products and cosmetics, strengthen the immune system and lead a healthy lifestyle.

The main symptoms of barley on the eye:

  • Swelling, swelling, inflammatory hyperemia along the lash line;
  • A small blister with a yellowish top. After opening the barley, pus flows out of the eye, containing necrotic tissue and cells;
  • Sclera injections, conjunctival hyperemia of the eye;
  • Symptoms of general intoxication of the body (accompanying the disease is not always) – an increase in body temperature, involvement in the pathological process of the regional lymph nodes.

Barley on the eye is diagnosed by a specialist in the field of ophthalmology. The diagnosis is made on the basis of an objective examination, complaints, clinical presentation, laboratory and instrumental methods of research.

There are eye diseases that are very similar to barley, therefore, before prescribing treatment, it is necessary to make a differential series and exclude other pathologies.

When barley eyes forbidden to open their own blister. Non-aseptic dissection threatens the development of terrible complications: the spread of infection, the development of abscesses, cellulitis, sinus thrombosis, involvement in the process of the meninges and brain substance.

Barley eyes should be treated with etiotropic, pathogenetic and symptomatic drugs. A solution of sulfacyl sodium, penicillin, and other antibiotics that are effective against Staphylococcus aureus is dropped into the eye.

In case of barley on the eye, Levomekol ointment has an auxiliary value, usually preference is given to dosage forms in the form of drops for the eyes.

In some situations with barley on the eye, an incision is made in the pathological formation. After the mini-operation, glucocorticosteroids are injected into the incision for quick and powerful removal of inflammatory manifestations. Operations are rarely done with strict indications.

Independent opening of barley is unacceptable.

Levomekol: basic information

Ointment Levomekol carries high popularity in Russia, is used in almost any infection of the skin, is present in the first-aid kit in every person. Levomekol has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect.

In addition, one of the main components of the drug contributes to the rapid healing of tissues affected by the infectious agent. Three properties together lead to a faster recovery from barley eyes.

Ointment Levomekol for eyes is produced in standard aluminum packaging. Each tube contains 40 g of thick white ointment for external use.

The drug contains an antibiotic and a substance that promotes tissue regeneration. Each package with Levomekol has detailed instructions for use with all the necessary information about the drug.

To use the product, you must additionally purchase sterile material, cotton swabs, cotton wool, gauze napkins.

The main pharmaceutical substance of Levomekol is active against Staphylococcus aureus, stops its growth, development and reproduction in the body, quickly eliminates the pathological agent. Auxiliary component of the ointment Levomekol acts on the inflammatory process, relieves swelling, itching, redness, severity of pain, reduces the overall temperature of the body and the likelihood of complications.

From barley on the eye Levomekol is used in combination with the main therapy, rarely used as the only means of treatment, as not always and not everyone helps get rid of Staphylococcus aureus. Levomekol practically does not cause adverse reactions (allergic manifestations are possible, pain in the eye when ointment comes in contact with the eye), has no contraindications, is safe and non-toxic when used correctly.

Indications for use

In addition to barley on the eye, Levomekol can be used in other clinical situations:

  • Long healing ulcers of the lower extremities;
  • Wounds that do not heal;
  • Purulent processes of the skin;
  • Furuncle;
  • Sinusitis and inflammation of the other sinuses.

Contraindications and side effects

Contraindication in Levomekol alone is an increased sensitivity of the body’s immune system to the antibacterial component of the drug. Levomekol for eyes should not be used with other antibiotics.

The tool can not be used for viral, fungal, mycoplasmal infection. Side effects of Levomekol are associated only with allergic reactions, which can manifest as rashes, itching, redness of skin and eyes.

Terms of use

From barley, Levomekol is prescribed only by the attending specialist, therapeutist or ophthalmologist. . If there is a large amount of purulent blisters on the eye, the ointment should be applied on a napkin and hold such a compress for 15-20 minutes over the affected eye 2 times a day. If the wound is deep, it is necessary to lay Levomekol ointment inside.

Surface scratches and lesions are treated directly with the ointment.

If an ophthalmologist or therapist prescribes Levomekol from barley on the eye, it is necessary to know the rules for using the drug in this pathology. Levomekol is rarely prescribed in the eye, usually other drugs are used to treat this disease. Ointment is applied with a cotton ball or a cotton swab directly on the barley area.

It is necessary to avoid contact with the medication in the eyes, in case of contact, the area of ​​application should be washed.

If barley on the eye is formed in the area of ​​the eyelid abutment to the eyeball, it is recommended to pull the eyelid and apply ointment to the surface of the pathological purulent mass. It is better to carry out manipulations for the night, it is necessary to wash eyes in the morning.

The main component of Levomekol is also available as an eye solution. This solution is metered into drops and instilled into the conjunctival sac of the affected eye every 2 hours. The course of treatment with Levomekol is seven days.

Further administration of the drug is agreed with the specialist.

With frequent use of ointment Levomekol, with unreasonable use Staphylococcus aureus acquires resistance against the main pharmaceutical substance, therefore when using ointment in the past in a particular patient, Levomekol may not cause an improvement in barley in the eye.


Levomekol with barley on the eye is not a first line drug. Doctors rarely prescribe this drug, because many people use Levomekol too often in everyday life and lose their effectiveness. Antibacterial drugs require compliance with the rules of admission, instructions and dosages.

Uncontrolled use causes the acquisition by microorganisms that cause diseases, new qualities, mechanisms of protection, resistance.

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