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Levomekol: is it possible to smear in the nose from a cold

Levomekol is widely used as a healing and antiseptic agent that helps with purulent pathologies. Levomekol in the nose is applied when boils in the nose, sinus, rhinitis, herpes in the nose (wings, septum, nasal mucosa) and other diseases.

The drug can be used in adult and child practice.

Pharmacological properties, indications of restrictions to the use of funds

Levomekol is produced as an external (local means) – ointment. Dioxomethyl tetrahydropyrimidine (4 g) and chloramphenicol (0.75 g) are active ingredients.

Dioxomethyltetrahydropyrimidine is a substance that accelerates the recovery of skin cells, mucous membranes or wound surfaces. Chloramphenicol is considered an antibacterial agent.

Auxiliary substances are polyethylene oxides. The medicine can be found in pharmacies in glass jars or in tubes.

When applied topically, the drug reduces the inflammatory response at the site of injury. The antibacterial component fights gram-positive and gram-negative bacterial agents: staphylococcus, escherichia, pseudomonads, and others.

The drug does not destroy the membranes of cellular structures. Perfectly goes deep into the tissues, improving the regenerative function of the skin, wound surface.

Antibacterial effects may persist in a purulent mass or on necrotic affected tissues.

Indications and limitations for prescribing drugs

Levomekol, according to the instructions, is shown to accelerate the healing of the wound surface. The medicine can be used for purulent wounds, as well as at the initial stage of the inflammatory process. In addition to surgical wounds and purulent complications after surgery, the drug is used to eliminate bedsores in bedridden patients.

The effectiveness of Levomekol while high. The bedsores heal very quickly.

Levomekol allowed to treat boils. This formation with purulent discharge on the skin.

There is swelling and inflammation around the pus. The drug penetrates into the depth of all education, disinfecting it.

When using the ointment, the boiled furuncle dries out and dries faster.

The drug is used for hemorrhoidal cracks and nodes. The skin around the anus is often injured.

To prevent the adherence of pathogenic bacterial flora, the drug is applied to cracks and knots. Levomekol is actively used for herpetic eruptions on the nose, lip.

The drug reduces the multiplication of viral particles.

Levomekol is used to treat acne with purulent contents on the face (nose, forehead, chin, cheeks), back, buttocks. Often, such acne occurs in adolescents.

Levomekol may be prescribed for callus formations.

The medicine helps well in purulent lesions of the external auditory canal and the auricle. The tool is used for inflammatory lesions of the lymph nodes.

It is applied to the area of ​​the site to reduce the inflammatory response.

The drug is not used for allergies to the components. You can not prescribe an ointment for eczematous rashes on the skin. The medicine is not indicated for psoriasis, since the cause of the disease is not bacteria, but an autoimmune process.

The drug should not be taken in patients with fungal diseases of the skin.

Undesirable manifestations after using an external agent

Levomekol can cause allergic rashes on the skin in the area of ​​application. After using the ointment, patients may experience itching, a burning sensation on the skin, swelling of tissues, redness of the skin. In severe cases, angioedema, dermatitis, rash-like urticaria in patients with allergic status.

Levomekol can enter the blood in small quantities. This leads to lethargy and weakness in the whole body. If such symptoms appear, then use of the drug should be stopped, consult a doctor.

If there is angioedema, you should call the ambulance brigade.

Ointment with prolonged use can cause the accession of fungal flora. This is due to the presence of the antibacterial component in the preparation.

If candidiasis occurs, Levomekol should be canceled, consult a doctor for antifungal therapy.

Diseases for which Levomekol is prescribed for the treatment of the nose

In the area of ​​the nasal passages the formation of boils is possible. The furuncle is a purulent pimple.

He first looks like a mound with pus inside, and then breaks through the top. When such pathologies require antibiotic therapy, the opening of the pustular education.

In some patients, a furuncle is often formed on the skin from the area of ​​the septum of the nose or wings. The abscess is very painful.

Treatment for such formations on the nose is mandatory. Blood flow to the head is very good.

There is a high probability of transmitting purulent infection to the brain.

Herpetic eruptions often occur in the nose. Pathology is caused by the herpes virus. This pathogen is almost all of the human population.

Most people are carriers of the herpes virus. Herpetic eruptions on the nose appear with a decrease in the immune system.

Most often, they occur after suffering respiratory diseases.

Herpes on the wings of the nose and septum looks like small bubbles. In the area of ​​the nose may appear soak, especially in the first 2 days. The formations are very itchy.

As the healing of the eruption on the nose begin to dry out.

The causative agent of herpes can damage nerves. If the infection on the face is not treated, it can spread to the facial nerves, provoke neuritis of the trigeminal nerve and its branches. For the treatment of herpes use antiviral systemic drugs (Kagocel, Arbidol), as well as local ointments and creams (Zovirax, Acyclovir).

They are applied to the septum of the nose and on the wings, depending on the location of the rash. Some doctors and patients use herpes medicine on the nose with Levomekol.

Its effectiveness is significantly lower than that of antiviral drugs. It can only accelerate the recovery of the affected skin.

It is allowed to use Levomekol from a cold.. Rhinitis is often caused by viral agents. If the treatment is not performed on time, the bacterial flora joins.

In this case, there are greenish nasal discharge.

Use Levomekol in the nose is allowed for sinus. Sinusitis is an otolaryngological pathology, accompanied by inflammation of the walls of the maxillary sinus.

The disease manifests itself pain in the region of the maxillary sinus (under the sockets on both sides of the nose). When tapping the patient, the pain increases. If the bacterial flora is attached, greenish nasal discharge is noted.

They are amplified by tilting the head forward. Sinusitis very quickly passes into a chronic stage, constantly recurs, provokes frequent respiratory diseases.

Using Levomekol for nasal treatment

Can I smear Levomekolem in the nose? When boils Levomekol applied to the area of ​​education.

The medicine is allowed to be applied before the breakthrough of the abscess and after its opening. Before the breakthrough of the boil Levomekol helps reduce the inflammatory reaction, reduces the amount of pus inside.

Before using Levomekol, the area of ​​the boil on the nose should be treated with alcohol or any other antiseptic. Ointment should be applied to the gauze flap, folded several times.

Gauze is applied to the nose in the affected area. If the boil is in the nasal passage or at the transition from the mucous membrane of the nasal passage into the skin, then cotton cotton shoes can be used. Cotton wool (cotton disc) is twisted, well lubricated with Levomekol.

Turundu inserted into the nose (nasal passage) for 15 minutes (longer). The procedure is repeated every 2-3 hours. Course therapy is 5-7 days.

Longer use of Levomekol is not recommended.

You can put Levomekol in the nose with sinus and runny nose.. Before using the ointment, rinse the nasal mucosa well.

For this, it is allowed to use saline solution (for example: Aquamaris, sea salt). Before rinsing the nose, vasoconstrictor drops are instilled, which relieve edema (Nazivin, Naphthyzin).

This will increase the washing efficiency.

Rinsing the nose can be done with saline. For the procedure you will need a syringe or syringe.

After thorough washing, they take a cotton-wool turunda, thickly spread it with medicine. Turunda with Levomekolom inserted into the nose (nasal passages). The medicine must be held for at least 15 minutes.

The treatment is carried out 2 times per day. Course therapy 5-7 days.

Longer therapy can not be carried out. Osmotic edema of healthy skin cells and nasal mucosa may be provoked.

Levomekol child in the nose from the common cold is shown only from 3 years of age. Before the procedure you need to wash the baby nasal passages. It is better to use 0.9% sterile saline, Miramistin or Aquamaris.

Aquamaris and Miramistin are available as a spray, so no fixtures will be needed.

If the washing will be carried out with saline, then you need to take a syringe or syringe. Soda baby should be used carefully. It can cause burns to the nasal mucosa.

Before rinsing should be instilled vasoconstrictor drops to relieve nasal congestion and relieve edema.

After washing, small turunds are made in the size of the child’s nasal passages. They are smeared with ointment, and then inserted into the nose (both nasal passages or alternately).

Levomekol leave for 15-20 minutes. The procedure is repeated twice a day.

It is impossible to use Levomekol in a child for more than 5-7 days, as the fungal flora can be attached.

Herpes Therapy Levomekol

Levomekol in the treatment of nasal herpes is used topically. The medicine is applied to the nose at the site of bubbly eruptions. You can apply to the site of injury a greased swab.

A tampon is held for 15 minutes. This procedure is carried out twice a day. If the rash is on the transition of the mucous membrane of the nasal passage into the skin, you can use turunda.

Turunda nose ointment Levomekol put twice a day. Allowed to lubricate the formation of the nose without cotton swabs and turund.

Course therapy lasts 5-7 days. Longer Levomekol not use.

It can harm healthy skin or mucous membranes.


Levomekol is actively used for the treatment of boils in the nose. The drug is often used for rhinitis and sinus, as well as in the presence of herpetic eruptions. Children ointment is recommended to use only from 3 years of age.

The drug should be used after going to the doctor. Levomekol cannot be used alone, especially in children.

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