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Levomekol in hemorrhoids: how to apply, help or not

Hemorrhoids are a common disease that often causes aggravations. Discomfort and unpleasant manifestations disrupt the normal course of life.

Levomekol with hemorrhoids will not give a complete cure, but will provide remission and improve overall health. This is due to the antibacterial and significant anti-inflammatory effects.

What is an ointment

Levomekol – This is a thick consistency ointment, produced since the 70s of the last century. Its effectiveness has been proven by many years of use.

It promotes the processes of tissue regeneration, suppresses inflammation, fights purulent inflammations and effectively eliminates pathogenic microflora.

Whether Levomekol helps with hemorrhoids, and to what extent its use is justified, is determined by the doctor individually.

Available Levomekol only in the form of ointment, has a thick consistency.

It consists of two main active ingredients:

  • Antibiotic Levomitsetin;
  • Promoting rapid healing of wounds Methyluracil.

The components of the ointment provide the drug with a high versatility. It is used in various branches of medicine, especially when treatment of purulent wounds is required.

But not everyone knows that Levomekol can give an excellent result in the treatment of hemorrhoids. Ointment is issued in banks and tubes, has no pronounced smell.

Note! The drug should be stored in suitable conditions – at temperatures up to 18 degrees.

Indications and Contraindications

When purulent inflammatory processes, the use of ointment is most justified. Active substances prevent the development of pathogenic microflora in the wound.

In addition, the ointment eliminates swelling, pulls out pus and dead skin cells. The spread of the infection is blocked and eliminated.

Levomekol prescribed for hemorrhoids, and for other pathologies, especially with the presence of suppuration.

Note! In addition to proctology, Levomekol is widely used in many branches of medicine where purulent inflammatory processes take place.

The indications for using the ointment include:

  • furunculosis;
  • necrotic lesion;
  • thrombosis with pus in the rectum;
  • burns, etc.

In proctology, the following conditions are indications for prescribing an ointment:

  • Inflammation in the rectum due to the activity of pathogenic microflora;
  • Infection in hemorrhoids. It can develop as a result of microtraumas and hematogenous infection;
  • Bleeding from hemorrhoids. In this case, open wound surfaces become open doors for infection.

As a prophylactic, with a significant likelihood of microbial infection, Levomekolom handles seams, wounds, bedsores, eczema. Proctologists usually prescribe when hemorrhoids ointment Levomekol with heavy lesions, if there is pus formation in the area of ​​nodes and necrotization.

Contraindications to use:

  • psoriasis;
  • component intolerance;
  • fungal diseases;
  • eczema;
  • pregnancy.

In most cases, this ointment is well tolerated. Side effects can be extremely rare. Most often it is an allergic reaction of localization (rash, itching, swelling at the site of exposure, etc.).

If there has been any negative manifestation, further treatment with this remedy should be abandoned and consult a doctor for the selection of an alternative therapy drug.

Note! Uncontrolled long-term use of the drug can harm the body – lead to leukocytopenia, erythrocytopenia and dysbiosis.

Hemorrhoids treatment with ointment

Levomekol does not have clear-cut treatment for hemorrhoids and is not a cure for this particular disease.. Its use often takes place in small courses, lasting about one and a half weeks.

This usually helps to improve the condition, as well as switch to other medicines. Sometimes a course treatment supplemented by such topical preparations can be prescribed by a doctor: Relief, Troxevasin and others.

The effect of the ointment allows you to quickly relieve inflammation and accelerate healing. Levomekol against hemorrhoids in this case helps prevent suppuration.

In such conditions, when hemorrhoids have the ability to bleed, there is a likelihood of infection when the feces come into contact with the surfaces of the wounds.

Antibacterial effect

The bactericidal ability of the ointment Levomekol allows to treat hemorrhoids complicated by infection. The probability of such a development of the disease is quite high, therefore, for purulent inflammation, the agent with the entry of an antibiotic becomes a justified choice.

Levomycetin, one of the ingredients, is active against a large number of pathogens with inflamed hemorrhoids.

Note! Levomekol with the antibiotic being a part, does not cause fast accustoming.

Healing effect

Methyluracil, the second active ingredient of the ointment, is a component that promotes good healing. In addition, it stimulates local immunity, which helps to cope with inflammation faster.

Methyluracil stimulates the production of protein in the walls of the veins and rectal mucosa. This action allows the use of the tool for prophylaxis and treatment in the acute period.

This ingredient of the ointment promotes good healing of the wounds on the hemorrhoidal nodes and prevents the infection from penetrating into them. This significantly reduces the risk of complications and deterioration.

Anti-inflammatory effect

Inflammatory processes in the rectum are accompanied by pain, swelling, itching and other unpleasant sensations. Treatment of hemorrhoids with Levomekol has anti-inflammatory effects:

  • puffiness is eliminated;
  • there is a feeling of discomfort.

Adsorbing effect

Clean wounds heal faster and intoxication, as well as cell death of rectal tissue does not occur. In the treatment of hemorrhoids Levomekol not only promotes healing and produces anti-bacterial treatment, but also cleans the surface of wounds.

Dehydrating action

In addition to the main active ingredients, polyethylene oxide is used as a basis in the composition of the external therapeutic agent. It dries directly the wounds themselves and promotes the regeneration of damaged tissues.

The drying property of the ointment is especially effective in cases of hemorrhoids that are difficult for treating oozing.

Note! A large range of applications of Levomekol includes its use for the treatment of hemorrhoids with serious complications, as well as after surgery for surgical removal of nodes.

Instructions for use

The best result from therapy is achieved by applying ointment for the night. This is a recommended condition, since the effect of the drug at night and with minimal movement will be much more effective.

It is necessary to treat hemorrhoids Levomekol in strict accordance with the instructions to the drug.

How long should a course of therapy be determined by the doctor based on the patient’s condition. Usually it is no more than one and a half weeks. After this is a mandatory break.

10 days is often enough to relieve unpleasant symptoms and stabilize the condition. The need to repeat the course of treatment is determined by the doctor as the patient.

The procedure for applying the ointment to the treatment of external nodes:

  • Wash the area of ​​the anus with warm water.
  • To sustain the time required for drying water.
  • A small amount of ointment is processing nodes.
  • A gauze bandage is applied.
  • The bandage is fixed with adhesive plaster.

Method of use when processing internal nodes:

  • Hygienic treatment of the anus with warm water.
  • Formation of a gauze tampon.
  • Impregnation of the tampon with ointment.
  • Carefully insert the tampon into the anus.
  • For convenience, it is possible to apply an external dressing and fix it with adhesive tape.

Tip! In the treatment of anal fissures, it is allowed to warm the ointment to 35 degrees for better soaking of the tampon placed in the rectum.

After the course of treatment, the therapy is continued by other means. Treat medical actions:

  • pelvic baths with medicinal collections;
  • oral medication systemic exposure;
  • the use of anal candles;
  • microclysters, etc.

The effectiveness of therapeutic treatment

Levomekol is one of the means of complex exposure in case of hemorrhoids. But using only this drug alone will not provide effective action and cure.

This ointment has important characteristics that allow you to speed up the healing of the tissues damaged by the disease, eliminate suppurations and improve the general condition of the patient.

Levomekol helps with hemorrhoids, provided that you follow all the recommendations of the doctor and follow the instructions. His appointment eliminates the likelihood of recurrence of the disease and significantly reduces the possibility of an infectious lesion.

The specificity of the disease contributes to the use of external agents. Their use reduces the likelihood of toxic effects on the entire body, including the gastrointestinal tract.

The need for oral medications in this case becomes less, and the effect increases.

It is not effective to treat hemorrhoids with Levomekol alone.. This external action of the drug makes it possible to solve many health problems in case of purulent inflammatory processes in hemorrhoids.

However, for a sustainable effect, it must be combined with additional therapeutic measures.

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