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Levomekol for thrush – in women and men

In this article, we consider the drug Levomekol. Find out what evidence he has, how to use it correctly and whether Levomekol helps with thrush.

Drug description

In fact, the drug Levomekol, which has antibacterial properties, as well as fights inflammation, makes regeneration. Therefore, it can be actively used in the treatment of wounds, bedsores, trophic ulcers. Used in traumatology and surgery, due to the fact that it can restore tissue.

Therefore, in some individual options, a special ointment for thrush can be prescribed in gynecology.

In the modern world there is a fairly large number of different tools against thrush. But even among such abundance in the gynecological field, it is recommended to use Levomekol for candidiasis. What is this ointment good at all, and why is it used so often and so much for various medical purposes?

These issues will be further discussed in the article.

Application in gynecology

Application in gynecology ointment looks like homemade tampons made of gauze, cotton wool, where the remedy is applied for the treatment of diseases. Therapy by means can be carried out in this sphere not only at a thrush.

Property Levomekola will cope with the following problems:

  • Diseases of thrush, as well as the consequences of this disease;
  • When inflammation occurs in the cervix (in most cases with vaginitis);
  • It is a substance that can be easily and effectively combined in order to treat uterine erosion and after medical moxibustion occurs;
  • If there is a presence in the ovaries process, which is characterized by inflammation;
  • When there is inflammation of the seams in the vagina after surgery, or if the birth was difficult;
  • Microcracks of a superficial nature, as well as if the vaginal mucosa is injured.

The medicine itself, which is called Levomekol, does not produce the desired effect when it comes to yeast-like mushrooms. In this case, the medicine to combat thrush is prescribed as a therapy, which has a more complex character. In this variant, a mixed-type infection is destroyed when a fungus is simultaneously detected, as well as another representative of conditionally pathogenic flora.

When thrush in women, Levomekol is not particularly popular.

Therapeutic property of the drug

Ointment Levomekol falls into this category as an antibiotic that can be used by both men and women. The main component here in the composition is chloramphenicol.

This is a strong substance that is able to suppress a large number of different harmful microorganisms, while destroying the microflora of proteins. Almost immediately, the therapeutic effect is found, which is very convenient.

Thrush with Levomekol passes more quickly.

In addition to the above component, the ointment includes various substances that can regenerate the cells that were damaged, at the same time they begin to act directly on the site of application. It should be noted that Levomekol is almost not absorbed into the blood.

Another feature is the production of interferon, which is able to increase the immune system, actively reproduce white blood cells, which also has a beneficial effect on the entire human body.

Also included in the ointment Levomekol components that can ensure the stability of the drug, as well as to prevent delamination. It is possible to treat thrush with Levomekol, but only in combination therapy with other medicines.

What can be contraindications and side effects

I must say that the side effects of a serious nature when applying the ointment, as a rule, is not observed. But still there are indications that must be considered in order to protect against possible consequences when using Levomekol ointment against thrush.

Manufacturers of the ointment themselves say directly that when using it, it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that individual intolerance can occur absolutely on any element that is present in this substance. However, when it comes to the use of Levomekol ointment for thrush with the help of specially made tampons, it is difficult to understand whether the manifestation of allergy will be, therefore, before the introduction you need to test the skin on your own.

For this purpose, immediately before the treatment of thrush it is necessary to apply a small amount of ointment on your hand, wait 10-15 minutes. After that, check how the skin reacted to the drug Levomekol.

If redness and itching are absent, then the substance can be safely used from thrush.

But if it turned out that when using a medicinal tampon (from a gauze or a bandage) from thrush with Levomecol, the patient felt a burning sensation, and it did not go away for ten minutes, then you need to urgently remove the inserted element, then douch with warm water. The following stages of treatment with ointment Levomekol for thrush should be mandatory discussed with a doctor.

In addition to the above, a side effect may also be expressed as an allergy:

  • possible urticaria on the skin;
  • the appearance of a small redness;
  • the presence of edema;
  • feeling of burning in place of application.

Levomekol in the state of pregnancy

In the period when the representative of the weaker sex is in the position, it is better to abstain from this substance for the treatment of thrush. This is especially true for late terms, when all major organs of the fetus have already formed.

It should be noted that if during this period the lady fell ill with thrush and the symptoms do not go away on their own, and here you have to resort to urgent treatment, then you need to take into account the fact that many antibiotics have the ability of treatment through the placental barrier. But at the same time, it is imperative to consult a doctor in charge how to use the drug as much as possible.

Careful use

If it is necessary to use Levomekol ointment from thrush for a long time, for example more than a month, then it is necessary to conduct a study in the laboratory of peripheral blood. Also using the tool you need to understand that caution is necessary in any case, and in any case not to allow the ointment on the mucous membrane.

It is also worth noting that the main property of Levomekol is to heal ulcers, wounds, cuts, scratches and boils. Therefore, if you decide to use the ointment, as a means to cure thrush, then it is best for the attending physician to consult, in order to prevent negative consequences in connection with self-treatment.

Remember that Levomekol helps from thrush only if it is used in complex therapy. with those drugs that directly fight the fungi of this disease. In any case, do not need to self-medicate.

After all, if the treatment of this and not particularly terrible disease will be carried out at the wrong time and wrong, then there is a possibility that thrush will develop into a chronic stage.

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