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Levomekol for eczema – how to apply, treatment, the effect of ointment

Eczema begins with severe itching and gives a lot of problems to a person. Itchy skin can be combed before the blisters. Further, the blisters burst, the rash progresses, the skin condition worsens.

Levomekol for eczema helps to eliminate the symptoms and restore the skin. The drug has a pronounced antibacterial effect.

However, it is better to use in the treatment of the disease in combination with other means.

How does the drug

Eczema is different in a person. The mechanism of the development of idiopathic disease is not completely understood by medical professionals.

Diabetes, thyroid problems, psycho-emotional stress, stress, fungal infection can cause eczema on the arm or leg.

Spontaneous skin rash causes contact with allergies. Eczema is similar to dermatitis and psoriasis, but bursting blisters on the skin sometimes resemble bedsores.

In place of bursting pustules, a deep hole is formed – erosion. Eczema is characterized by hyperemia of the skin, blisters that may become wet, and itching.

Noticing the first acne on the skin, you should contact your dermatologist for help. If the disease is not treated, it will go into the chronic stage, and then it will be more difficult to cope with the pathology.

Treatment should be comprehensive – anti-allergic agents, corticosteroids, anti-inflammatory drugs are prescribed.

When eczema ointment Levomekol:

  • eliminate the inflammatory process;
  • improves skin condition;
  • restores skin cells.

The price of the drug Levomekol is only 125 rubles. The pharmacy can also purchase an analogue of the funds.

Levomekol is a maloreaktogenny drug, so it can be used in the treatment of eczema. It is not recommended to apply ointment for fungal infections.

Levomekol contains chloramphenicol, which is an antibiotic and actively fights pathogenic flora. The ointment has a regenerating effect and effectively removes lesions.

The use of Levomekol against eczema is fully justified. Among the indications for treatment with this remedy are trophic ulcers and purulent wounds.

As part of the ointment there is an additional substance methyluracil. It improves the nutrition of the affected tissue and enhances the effect of chloramphenicol.

After applying the product to the affected areas, the components of the drug are quickly absorbed and penetrate deep into the skin layers. Medicinal substances destroy the membranes of pathogenic microorganisms that caused eczema.

As a result, the pathological process is declining, inflammation decreases, and the recovery period begins.


It is necessary to treat eczema with Levomekol after preliminary preparation of the skin. Antibacterial ointment can be applied only to cleansed skin.

If eczema has spread to the leg or arm, rinse the affected area with boiled water. Then a small amount of ointment is applied with a thin layer.

Bandaging is not required. After the first application of the crust on the skin will quickly dry out. Over time, the focus of inflammation will decrease, but treatment should continue until the rash completely disappears.

Levomekol helps eliminate inflammation. It can be used 2-3 times a day.

When a doctor prescribes Levomekol for the rash, whether this medicine helps with eczema on the foot, many patients are interested. Often the main remedy in therapy is a hormonal drug containing corticosteroids. Him apply a short course to quickly relieve inflammation.

Levomekol is used as an additional medication. With eczema, B vitamins, antihistamines, enterosorbents are also prescribed.

Such therapy in the complex gives a pronounced positive result.

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