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Levomekol for bedsores – how to apply, treatment and effect of ointment

The choice of ointment from bedsores for the bed patient should be taken responsibly. Bedsacks often appear due to poor care for the immobilized person, his overweight and poor nutrition.

The drug Levomekol with bedsores is an effective way to keep the skin healthy and avoid the formation of sores.

How does

Levomekol was created in the last century and still has not lost the status of the most effective means for bedsores. Medicinal ointment on the basis of two components heals any stage of bedsores.

The ointment contains methyluracil and chloramphenicol. The active substances penetrate deeply into the affected tissue and destroy the cell membranes of the pathogenic microflora.

The bedsores are formed when the trophic tissue of the skin is broken, constant pressure on the same place. Soft tissues are deadened, the nutrition of the skin and muscular structures are disturbed, and changes in structural and chemical reactions occur.

Necrosis of soft tissues is formed, which requires immediate treatment.

When bedsores Levomekol has a pronounced anti-inflammatory and regenerating effect. The drug has an antibacterial effect, stimulates the healing process.

Levomekol eliminates the infection that develops in the nidus of bedsores.

Immovable people often face the problem of pressure sores. The drug Levomekol allows you to avoid the development of pressure sores and to prevent the defeat of the skin.

Treatment of bedsores Levomekol applied externally. The tool can also be used for trophic ulcers, burns, purulent wounds.

The drug is widely used in the healing of scars and boils.


From bedsores for bed patients, Levomekol ointment is applied 2-3 times a day. Apply the ointment is necessary on the affected areas and around the adjacent areas, so that the bedsores do not spread further.

The product is well absorbed deeply into organic tissues. Typically, pressure sores affect the back, buttocks, tailbone.

Sometimes skin lesions can occur on the back of the head and heels.

In the body Levomekol with bedsores:

  • improves blood circulation in the bloodstream;
  • returns and improves the nutrition of the skin;
  • restores the function of small vessels;
  • completely eliminates inflammation.

Levomekolem treatment can begin at any stage of the bedsores. It is quite long and should last until the complete disappearance of skin lesions.

To reduce the healing time of bedsores, you must adhere to certain rules for caring for a sick person. It is necessary to treat Levomekol for a long time, it is important to comply with this condition in home care for the patient.

For bedsores, it is important to use a rubber wheel so that the body of a person lying down does not touch the bed and the skin can breathe. It is also important for an incapacitated person to change bed sheets frequently. The fabric must always be exceptionally clean.

For the prevention of bedsores in an immovable patient, you must purchase a special mattress. All of the above preventive measures prevent the development of bedsores with a long lying person.

Also, for the prevention, you can use drugs Levocin, Solcoseryl.

Ointment Levomekol can be used for the prevention of pressure sores. To do this, do not often apply the product to the patient’s skin. Enough a single use per day.

The tool is applied with a thin layer on the open skin and is not covered with bandages. Prevention of bedsores with ointment Levomekol should be carried out regularly, without gaps.

It is released in pharmacies Levomekol without a prescription. The drug can be used in the treatment of children from three years.

The tool does not require special storage, it is enough to keep the ointment in the bedside table.

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