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How to increase the amount of milk during breastfeeding – products and methods

Breastfeeding is an integral component of the harmonious growth and development of the baby. Therefore, many young mothers are interested in how to increase the amount of breast milk in order to fully meet all the needs of the baby. It is desirable to know the benefits and characteristics of breastfeeding before birth, during pregnancy. A neonatologist or pediatrician should answer all questions that a woman is interested in about the infant’s nutrition; you can also contact a breastfeeding counselor.

However, before contacting specialists, you should independently investigate the possible causes of a violation of lactation and a decrease in the amount of breast milk.

How to understand that a crumb gets insufficient amount of milk

Most women mistakenly assume that the baby lacks breast milk. There are a number of signs that may indirectly indicate insufficient feeding, but they are not indicative. These include:

  • anxiety of the baby after feeding;
  • frequent crying;
  • child’s failure from the breast;
  • prolonged breastfeeding while nursing;
  • the need for frequent attachment to the chest.

If you note the above symptoms, this does not mean that the child does not receive milk in the quantities he needs. The only proven way to determine an insufficient amount of breast milk is to control the increase in body weight or the amount of diuresis (counting urination per day).

In cases where the weight of the baby is within the age norm or the number of urination at least 10 times a day, you should not worry and look for ways to increase lactation.

What decreases the amount of breast milk

Various reasons can lead to a decrease in lactation in a young mother. Most often the problem lies in choosing the wrong feeding mode and the inability to properly attach the baby to the breast.

Therefore, the mother should be very serious about preparing for breastfeeding, asking questions to the doctor or reading special literature.

The amount of breast milk is reduced due to the uncomfortable position of the woman in the process of feeding, improper attachment of the baby to the nipple, feeding strictly according to the regimen, and not according to the needs of the baby.

All these factors contribute to a decrease in milk production in the mammary glands. Problems with lactation can also be caused by disruptions in the hormonal system of a woman, taking certain medications, and prolonged psycho-emotional stress.

Lactation Enhancement Products

If there is really little milk and you cannot fully satisfy the needs of the crumbs for nutrients, vitamins and microelements, then this problem should be addressed jointly with a specialist. The first thing you should do on your own is to constantly take care of your proper nutrition.

To increase breast milk, products that increase lactation should be included in the diet. Meals should be balanced and high-calorie to provide a woman and a child with the necessary energy.

Therefore, it is very important that the mother does not experience a feeling of hunger, as this is the strongest stress for the body, and stress also reduces lactation. Breast milk secretion is stimulated by lean meat broths, vegetables (especially pumpkin, carrots), dairy products.

Also in the diet must be greens and various cereal porridge. The drinking regime of a woman affects the amount of breast milk, so it is very important to drink an adequate amount of mineral water without gas. Drinks that increase the amount of breast milk include:

  • herbal teas;
  • black or green tea (to increase breast milk you can add a little cream to the drink);
  • fresh carrot juice;
  • dried fruits compote.

In the above drinks for better effect, you can add grated ginger root. Having previously consulted with a doctor, a woman can also purchase a special collection to stimulate lactation at a pharmacy.

Tips for normalizing lactation

Proper diet is not the only condition for normal production of breast milk. The woman should also normalize sleep and rest, which is a very difficult task, especially in the first few months of a child’s life. but It is important to avoid chronic fatigue and nervous tension., for this, try to sleep at least 7 hours a day and spend enough time in the fresh air.

Physical activity will help maintain muscle tone, which is beneficial to lactation. Therefore, try to regularly take 15-20 minutes to perform simple exercises.

A quite effective remedy is breast massage. It should be carried out regularly and very delicately, so as not to injure the breast or nipples. It is best to perform this procedure in the process of receiving a warm shower, massaging the gland from the nipple to the periphery in a circular motion. To obtain the desired effect, massage should be carried out for 5-10 minutes.

If proper nutrition and adequate rest do not solve the problem, then breast milk can be increased by using special preparations. It should be remembered that only a qualified doctor should prescribe a woman any drug during breastfeeding.

The doctor must conduct all the necessary studies to identify the possible causes of insufficient quantities of breast milk and select the most effective drug for you.

Taking medication does not mean that you can breastfeed your baby irregularly or not follow the principles of proper nutrition. The fight against the problem of insufficient production of breast milk should be complex and take place under the supervision of a specialist.

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