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How to increase lactation during breastfeeding at home

Many nursing mothers are worried about how to increase lactation, so that the baby has enough breast milk. Situations when a woman does not have enough milk to adequately feed a baby, happen quite often.

The reasons for leaving milk can be a large amount. The main task of a woman in such a situation is the speedy restoration of the work of the mammary glands. To cope with the problem of lack or lack of lactation will help the doctor, who individually selects the most appropriate method of rehabilitation.

Distinguish between true and false hypolactation, which are also called primary and secondary.

Cases of true lack of lactation occur very rarely and are due to serious hormonal disorders, which cannot be corrected or are difficult to correct.

In such situations, the child is transferred to artificial feeding. However, most often the restoration of milk production is a very real process, since the pathological condition arises due to a number of avoidable factors.

The main causes of lactation problems:

  • the subconscious or quite conscious unwillingness of a woman to breastfeed a child (in medicine this is called the absence of a lactation dominant);
  • improper diet while breastfeeding;
  • severe stressful situations (most often adverse living and social conditions);
  • insufficiently frequent attachment of the child to the breast (especially in the first months of his life);
  • introduction of complementary foods too early (especially, irrational transition to milk-replacing mixtures);
  • attempts to feed the child by the hour, and not on demand.

As a rule, the elimination of the above etiological factors in itself is a treatment for the absence of lactation. However, additional therapeutic measures may be needed to more quickly and effectively restore the amount of milk.

How to recognize the shortage of milk?

Some women think that they need an increase in lactation, although in fact the child is enough of the amount of milk that he receives. In order not to go to a doctor for nothing, a nursing mother should understand when to worry.

In addition, unreasonable measures to increase the amount of milk will only lead to the fact that the breast is too stretched, will hurt. Also, excess milk can stagnate, causing lactostasis, and then the inflammatory process in the gland.

The main signs of insufficient production of breast milk:

  • lack of weight in a child for a month on a full breastfeeding;
  • quantitative reduction of milk per day (referring to specific phenomena, for example, there is nothing to feed the child at night);
  • the child becomes restless and weeping;
  • a decrease in the amount of urine and urination (the norm in the first months of life is 6 times a day).

However, the only reliable sign of insufficient lactation is the determination of the daily amount of milk. This is done by controlling the weighing of the baby before and after feeding to obtain the difference of these values.

In the absence of the indirect signs listed above, daily weighing is not required, as it negatively affects the psychological state of the child.

Physiological methods of increasing lactation

In most cases, to restore lactation in a nursing mother will be enough to perform some physiological measures and eliminate the main risk factor. First of all, a woman should apply the baby to her breast as often as possible, rather than translate it into bottle food.

The child quickly becomes accustomed to the nipple, from which the milk flows without any effort, therefore it begins to suck less and less reluctantly to the breast. Therefore, even with a significant lack of lactation, it is not recommended to feed the child with extraneous mixtures. The mother should continue to give the baby breast on demand, thus activating the production of prolactin and oxytocin.

These biologically active substances are activators of the mechanism of lactation.

Women to increase breast milk lactation must constantly maintain the level of hormones at a high level. This can be achieved only in the case of 2-3 single feeds at night. The child stays along with his mother for the whole time of sleep and takes the breast on demand.

In addition, closer contact with the baby will help solve the problem. Some dietary habits will also help increase the amount of milk. For its formation requires a liquid, so you need to increase its consumption.

On average, the volume of fluid consumed per day should be about two liters, taking into account juices, teas, soups and other similar dishes. Water intake should not be abused, as milk oversaturated with liquid loses a number of nutrients.

The child eats more, but in fact the calorie intake does not change.

Moreover, excess fluid can cause swelling in the mother, which is a very undesirable phenomenon, especially in the first months after birth.

The daily diet of a woman who wants to increase lactation should also be revised. All foods to be consumed should be beneficial and not have a negative effect on milk. Most artificial colors, preservatives and additives adversely affect the composition of milk, so during feeding they should be excluded from the diet.

The mother of the baby should eat steamed, boiled or stewed dishes. Allowed a little sweet, however, in small quantities.

The basis of nutrition are: lean meat and fish, dairy products, low-fat cheese, vegetables, cereals.

Favorable psychological conditions also increase lactation. A woman should avoid stressful situations as much as possible., to worry minimally because of some everyday problems, fully focusing on the child. Healthy sleep and long walks in the fresh air are of great importance.

To enhance the production of milk will be useful special gymnastics. With its help, blood circulation is stimulated, the shape of the breast is improved, and blood congestion is eliminated.

Performed exercises in a sitting position. The most effective:

  • Straight arms are divorced on each side, and then brought down in front of him, crossing over. With each movement, you need to raise your hands until they cross over your head, after which you need to lower them and start the exercise again.
  • The upper limbs are bent at the elbows, palms are aligned at chest level in front of you. Exercise is to press the palms on each other with periodic interruptions.
  • Hands folded on the back of his head, after which you should bow his head. It is necessary to press several times on the folded arms with the back of the head, and then to relax.

Reception of medicinal and folk remedies to combat the shortage of milk

Any specific means to enhance the lactation of breast milk has not yet been developed. That is why a woman should rely on her own physiology, using medications only as a supplement to lifestyle changes. All drugs are divided into three groups:

  • multivitamin complexes;
  • homeopathic remedies;
  • biologically active additives.

The difficulty of taking medication lies in the fact that any foreign matter affects milk quality, and sometimes can penetrate it into the body of a child. Therefore, before drinking this or that remedy, the mother should consult with her doctor. Despite the seeming safety of the listed drugs, an overdose of each of them will have a negative impact not only on the health of the mother and baby, but also on lactation.

Among folk remedies for increasing lactation, lactogenic teas, which can be found in pharmacies, are considered to be the most effective. They consist of herbal ingredients that contribute to more active milk production in a nursing mother. The most common components of such teas: fennel, lemon balm, anise, cumin.

Abuse of the tool is also not recommended. In addition, it helps not all women.

For lactation of breast milk, you can prepare a folk remedy at home. Dill seed infusion, which is the easiest to make, is very popular.

To do this, take the seeds and pour water for several hours, after which the agent is taken in half a glass twice a day. Recipes using cumin are considered effective: kvass, a drink from a plant, cumin with cream. Products that increase lactation are carrots and lettuce, on the basis of which many popular recipes have been developed.

Apply any of the folk remedies only after prior permission from the attending physician.

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