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Essential oils from cellulite, massage, wraps, baths, recipes for the use of oils: Body care

Essential oils from cellulite, massage, wraps, baths, recipes for the use of oils

The problem of cellulite in our time is familiar even to young girls, and not necessarily with excess weight. Cellulite not only delivers a lot of trouble and grief to the fair sex, but also can permanently deprive them of self-confidence.

Spring and summer – this beautiful time, when every woman strives for the perfect appearance. Beautiful smooth skin and a perfect figure – this is what each of us dreams and wants to achieve. Hateful “orange peel” can permanently spoil the spring mood, usually it is observed in the thighs, buttocks and abdomen, regardless of age. Cellulite is characterized by the loss of elasticity of the skin and the appearance on it of small bumps and dimples that look like an orange peel. The cause of the development of cellulite is considered the pathological distribution of fat, water and metabolic products. The reasons for its occurrence also include genetic predisposition and hormonal disorders in the body. At the time when our ancestors lived, nobody heard anything about cellulite, because it is the result of a sedentary lifestyle, low physical activity, poor diet and the presence of bad habits. Today we will consider easily accessible ways to eliminate it.

I note that expensive creams and gels with anti-cellulite action, of course, can give the result, if used in combination with physical exertion, proper and healthy nutrition, cosmetology procedures. However, such a program is often not affordable for most of our women, and meanwhile with the help of inexpensive but effective means you can significantly improve the appearance of the skin and smooth cellulite even at home. Such inexpensive means are essential oils. About their healing properties became known for a long time, they were used to preserve the beauty of the skin and hair, as well as to maintain health.

Essential oils help to strengthen cell membranes, improve metabolic processes, regeneration, stimulate the excretion of excess fluid from tissues with toxins accumulated in it. After their use, the appearance of the skin is significantly transformed, the blood supply improves, and with it the nutrition of the cells, the muscle tone improves.

The use of essential oils has practically no contraindications, except for individual intolerance, pregnancy and breast diseases. At all times, essential oils relieve women of excess fat accumulations. When using essential oils from cellulite, it is of particular importance to maintain proportions in the manufacture of mixtures using these oils, because in an excess amount, some of them can cause a severe burn.

Massage with essential oils against cellulite.
Essential oils are often used during anti-cellulite massage, which stimulates metabolic processes in the skin and tissues, normalizes the blood supply and accelerates the lymph flow. Against this background, regenerative processes are activated, inflammations are eliminated and cells are cleaned.

Oil for anti-cellulite massage is prepared as follows: add 30% to 10 to 15 drops of essential oils in any base oil (full oil – peach, almond, apricot, olive, grape seed, etc.) in the amount of 30 ml. For example, 30 ml of olive oil mixed with three drops of essential lemon oil, the same amount of juniper oil, add two drops of orange and lavender oil. Using the prepared mixture, it is necessary to massage problem areas of previously cleansed skin (after a shower) for twenty minutes. This massage with oils is recommended to be carried out at least two or three times a week.

Excellent anti-cellulite property inherent in oils of grapefruit, geranium, sandalwood, lemon, neroli, patchouli, rosewood, limetta, rosemary, jasmine, fennel, juniper, as well as petitgrain and ginger oil.

Grapefruit oil stimulates the activation of the lymph flow and the process of removing excess fluid from the body, thereby normalizing blood flow and cell nutrition.

Orange, grapefruit and lemon essential oils have a special effect on obesity and cellulite. They also improve the metabolic processes in tissues, improve blood circulation and make the skin smooth, smooth and elastic.

Tangerine oil and rosewood oil are an excellent preventive measure against stretch marks and cellulite.

Jasmine oil has a rejuvenating effect on the skin, improves elasticity.

Petitgrain oil and patchouli oil prevent the appearance of stretch marks (especially during pregnancy), strengthen muscle tone and help improve skin elasticity.

Juniper oil improves venous circulation and stimulates the excretion of excess fluid, patchouli and rosemary oils stimulate blood circulation and promote the elimination of toxins, as well as improve fat metabolism.

Fennel oil stimulates active excretion of toxins from the skin.

Lemon oil increases the elasticity of the abdominal muscles, chest and thighs.

Neroli oil prevents stretch marks or striae after pregnancy and childbirth, as well as a result of drastic weight loss.

To apply the mixture gave the desired effect, it is important to properly mix essential oils. Remember, it is best to mix essential oils in glassware, and in ascending order, that is, first the oil is dripped, which is the least in the recipe, and in the end – which is the most (by volume). Only when all the essential oils are mixed, should the base oil, that is, the fatty base, be added to them. If after applying a little bit of the mixture, it cannot be reused, because it has already lost its properties.

Recipes massage mixtures with essential oils against cellulite.
Mix three drops of lemon oil and add four drops of grapefruit oil. As a base or base, take any fatty oil (olive, almond, peach, linseed, apricot, etc.) in an amount of 30 ml.

Combine three drops of cypress and geranium oil and add four drops of juniper oil and 30 ml of base oil.

The following mixture of essential oils in combination reinforce the properties of each other. Mix a drop of cinnamon oil with three drops of lemongrass, the same amount of petitgrain oil and dill, add two drops of black pepper oil. The mixture stimulates the process of splitting fat cells, removing excess fluid, improves metabolism.

To a mixture of these oils, you can add a glass of sea salt, you get a kind of scrub that needs to be rubbed problem areas of the skin (thighs, abdomen, buttocks). After grinding, it is necessary to wait about ten minutes for the essential oil to be absorbed, and then take a warm bath. It is not necessary to rub the skin or wash the scrub off of it, just sit in the water. It is also not necessary to wipe after, allow the skin to dry on its own. The procedure should be carried out every other day. To achieve the effect you need to do ten procedures.

Honey is an excellent additional ingredient for massage mixtures. For example, a great effect is given by a mixture of two drops of orange and the same amount of lavender oil with the addition of three drops of juniper oil and the same amount of lemon and a small amount of honey. The composition applied to areas with cellulite vigorous massaging and patting movements for seven minutes before the formation of a foamy mass. Then rinse and moisturize the skin with body cream.

Wraps with essential oils against cellulite, recipes.
Anti-cellulite wraps with the addition of essential oils gives a stunning effect. Oil combinations can be mass, you should choose your own, based on the individual characteristics of the skin and the expected effect.

Honey and clay in combination with essential oils are excellent for cellulite wraps. Any of the following formulations should be applied to problem areas, wrap with plastic, take a comfortable position (lying down) and cover with a warm blanket. The duration of the wrapping procedure is on average from forty to sixty minutes. After that, wash off everything and apply a nourishing cream on the skin. Such procedures should be done by courses: ten procedures at intervals of a day.

Put two drops of rosemary, orange and cedar oil into a clay bowl and add two tablespoons of ground cinnamon.

Dissolve four tablespoons of honey in a water bath and add three drops of patchouli, rose, cedar and orange oils.

In 30 ml of any base oil (almond, linseed, jojoba, hazelnut, olive or peach), dissolve the oil of juniper and patchouli, take three drops and add two drops of ylang-ylang and jasmine. Or in 30 ml of base oil drop three drops of black pepper and ginger oil and two drops of grapefruit oil and geranium oil.

30 ml of base oil combined with lavender, lemon oil and juniper oil, taken in four drops.

Dissolve white clay with warm water until a cream of a similar mass is formed, in which add three drops of cinnamon and orange oil.

Dilute black clay with water to form a mass resembling not thick sour cream, add two tablespoons of pre-chopped algae, mix thoroughly and then drop five drops of lemon and orange oils into the mixture.

An alga called fucus bubble is chopped, take two tablespoons and pour hot water for twenty minutes. During this time, the algae will swell and cool, add the beaten egg yolk, ten drops of lemon oil and twenty drops of camphor oil.

Three tablespoons of liquid honey mixed with ten tablespoons of cocoa powder, add ten drops of tangerine essential oil.

Enrich your daily shower gel (dilute little by little in a separate container) with four drops of geranium oil and the same amount of bergamot oil. Using a sponge, massage the problem areas of the skin first clockwise, then against. After that, take a shower, rinse the mixture thoroughly, slightly blot the skin with a towel. After that, apply on the skin a mixture of body milk and four drops of grapefruit oil.

Anti-cellulite bath with essential oils.
Baths with essential oils are also effective in combating cellulite. To evenly distribute the essential oil in water, before pouring water, a few drops of it are mixed with sea salt (handful). The duration of the procedure is no more than twenty minutes, while actively massaging problem areas.

Dissolve a handful of salt in 200 ml of milk and add three to four drops of orange a (you can use lemon or grapefruit) and pour the mixture into a half bath filled with warm water. This procedure can be done daily. It significantly improves skin condition.

Accelerate blood circulation and metabolic processes in problem areas such bath composition: two drops of rosemary oil, as much fennel and cypress, or two drops of rosemary, lemon, and geranium oil.

When choosing a bath mixture, it is important that it contains oils that release fats, remove fluid and improve the flow of lymph. You can also add oil with soothing properties, to prevent stress – the main enemy of a beautiful and smooth skin.

To improve blood circulation, you can use the oil of juniper, cypress, mountain cedar, the latter also contributes to the removal of fluid.

Sage, Indian and Atlantic cedar essential oils are stimulated by the release of fat.

Sandalwood oil activates the lymph flow.

Before using these or other essential oils, you should consult with your doctor for contraindications, especially in the presence of chronic diseases and during pregnancy.

Remember, the fight against cellulite should be constantly, a beautiful body and skin require regular work on themselves. Wraps, massages, scrubs, baths – all this should be done every week, and, of course, you should not forget about a healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition and physical activity, otherwise all efforts will be in vain, and the positive effects will very quickly disappear .

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