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Strong Armor Battle for Berlin 2019: release date, actors, watch the trailer

It seemed that everything, from all points of view, political and human positions had been removed about the Second World War …

Recognized masters in this field at all times, of course, were considered Soviet meters of directing and acting workshop, but since the topic for a country like Russia, even after so many years, does not lose its relevance and relevance to the audience, in 2019 he is expected to begin filming the continuation of the 2017 series on this subject – Strong armor. Battle of Berlin.

A total of eight episodes are foreseen in the tape, and quite successful and experienced functionaries of the Russian kinivoy took up the work on them.

It is difficult to expect that she will gain world fame, or at least become popular in the near abroad, but, in her native lands, she will undoubtedly have great success.

The story told by the Battle … is, of course, not unique, and, to tell the truth, is not new – the announcements of the plot are expected to cause a feeling of deja vu, but I want to believe that fresh cast and modern special effects, as well as centering on human destinies and personal drama will allow look at it from a completely different perspective.

Total will show eight episodes, as in the first part.

The script for the series was written by David Lanyan, and this is his debut work on television. She tells about the fate of a guy with a prosaic and classic Russian name – Vasily Rusakov. Most recently, he received a school certificate, made plans for the future, and hoped that the USSR would not touch the news about the alarming situation in Europe …

Strong Armor Battle for Berlin 2019: release date, actors, watch the trailer

How wrong he was, with all his faith in the infallibility of the party and the honesty of the state before the people, with naive attention to all the reports of the official press and radio … The agreement between Germany and the Union was treacherously broken, just when Vasya began his studies at the tank school.

Yesterday’s schoolboy was madly attracted by the romantic power of the tank – that’s the most efficient killing machine at the time, he firmly believed in the power of the Soviet army and wanted to serve the Motherland faithfully.

At that time, he did not know yet that it would take a long time to wait for victories and offensives on all fronts, while for now the army and tankmen, in particular, would have to retreat, suffering huge losses. The cadet is trying to do everything to get to the front, but the command is delaying the involvement of military schools to the last, not wanting to risk the boys in a practically stalemate.

Strong Armor Battle for Berlin 2019: release date, actors, watch the trailer

But, this day is coming. Not immediately, but comes. And Vasin’s dream comes true – he gets on the front line. For merit in learning, intelligence and a mature responsible approach to performing tasks, and also because of catastrophic breakdowns in an experienced commanding team, Rusakov is appointed to command an entire company, and now the life of his comrades and the performance of combat tasks depend on his decisions, generally.

Soon there will be the Kursk Arc, and it will have to be at the very center of this deadly cauldron. He will pass this test with honor, he will be able to survive, but, the adventures of the tanker hardened in the first years of the war, who knew the bitterness of losses, and the love and joy of victories, will not end there – there is a long road to Berlin …

Logically, these eight episodes will continue, shot in 2017 and released on screens in 2018, a similar in size, high-volume strong armor, which just ended in a landmark tank battle.

Strong Armor Battle for Berlin 2019: release date, actors, watch the trailer

For the first part and, accordingly, its continuation, the creators were inspired by the memories of the Hero of the Second World War, Lieutenant General Vasily Bryukhov. The memories of the tank ace, which focused on the events at the Kursk Bulge.

The prototype of the image of Natasha, was a girl-tanker, Hero of the USSR, Maria Oktyabrskaya. And in the film it was the very tank on which she fought during the war years – he was kindly provided to the film crew by the museum complex in Arkhangelsk.

The shooting of the sequel is scheduled for 2019, but it is planned to release it in 2020, especially for the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Berlin.

In addition to computer graphics and pavilion surveys, several real German tanks were involved in the filming, as well as T-34s — all on the move — and pyrotechnics worked very hard. Moreover, this second part will be the last, since the plans of the film crew are to complete the story of the main characters precisely on this sublime note.

Strong Armor Battle for Berlin 2019: release date, actors, watch the trailer

Yuri Leizerov, a graduate of MGUKII and VGIK, where he studied with Valery Akhadov, volunteered to direct the project. Prior to this, his experience in multi-episode pictures was expressed in the work on all the seasons of Marusya, a means of separation, halves of the impossible, recently released by Dr. Anna and many other pictures.

The operator group will be headed by another graduate of VGIK Kirill Speransky – one of the most sought after camera masters of recent years, winner Nika and Taffy, who, in particular, made such sensational tapes as St. Anna, Vienna Opera and One-story America, as well as countless others.

The production line-up included Andrei Kretov, Anastasia Kavunovsky and Dmitry Agnevsky, and it was not by chance that they chose this director and cameraman: together they released a lot of projects on television, and a few – even on the big screen.

Strong Armor Battle for Berlin 2019: release date, actors, watch the trailer

The main role in this series is Konstantin Beloshapka, a Shchukin and a Vakhtangov player, in demand both on the theater stage and in the modern Russian film industry.

His debut film in the movie was Life and Fate, where he was entrusted with a cameo role, and then he worked in the Eighties 4, Village, the Moon, as well as the main role in the recent From the bottom of the summit, but the real remake brought him Andreian in a remake of Shelokhov’s Pacific Don from Sergey Ursulyak.

In the role of Natasha, the driver – Daria Melnikova, the same Zhenya Vasnetsova of Daddy’s daughters, who also successfully starred in Cinderella 4×4, Rowan Waltz, Steel Butterfly, Once and From Five to Seven.

For her, this is not the first military experience, as well as for Beloshapka – before the Battle … we could see her as a nurse in Sputnik, and in the same Ryabinov waltz, in which she talentedly played Luba Sinitsa.

More in the roles will be a young actress, an acting student of Shchepkinsky VTU, who was once entrusted to Asyu – the supporting character in the Salsa film, and in the Ukrainian picture Ballerina she played the main role Mira. Also in this novelty of 2019 you can see Vitaly Khaev, Maxim Emelyanov, Vera Smolin, Pavel Usachev, Viktor Ryabov, Oleg Vasilkov, Nikolay Kovbas and Ivan Lapin.

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