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Stalker 2 2019: new release date, trailer and latest news

The Chernobyl NPP … How much of this word is for the heart … Well, to whom it merged, and to whom it was quite clearly glowing – it’s all about the same long-suffering Ukrainians, in the north of whose country for 32 years already huge territories represent a dead zone.

Those for whom the squeak of the Geiger counter was a familiar childhood soundtrack, who received an extra dose of milk at school, like a Chernobyl, and an increased scholarship. Those who remember the lost eyes of the refugees, suddenly one and a half times swollen classes and hasty construction projects in the skyscrapers near your house …

Here sometimes you watch Hollywood horror films with extinct abandoned cities, life and grave silence of the echoing streets, and you don’t think that after a hundred or so kilometers, very close, the same …

This sense of the reality of hopelessness, a keen desire to survive and escape at any cost from a cemetery with an area of ​​two and a half thousand kilometers was very accurately conveyed by the creators of that very first S.T.A.L.K.E.R. And the ability of our people to survive against all odds …

General information about the game:

  • Genre – RPG / action / shooter / survival horror
  • Setting – post-apocalyptic
  • Developer – GSC Game World
  • Publisher / Localizer – GSC World Publishing
  • Release date – not earlier than 2019

In 2007, everyone played it. Avidly Desperately. And, surprisingly, not only Ukrainian gamers: the shooter was sold in many countries around the world and was very warmly received by the public. They waited for the next sequels to be released, and it was more offensive then to hear the news that the project was frozen for an indefinite time.

Stalker 2 2019: new release date, trailer and latest news

And then it was time to hunt for news ducks mutated from radiation to the size of an elephant. They reported that the rights to the publication were bought by Bethesda, and fans of the series tore hair on all parts of the body, fearing the likelihood of seeing Oblivion in a gas mask and with a gun.

They were convinced that the GSC Game had buried the stalkeryad in general, and now the Survarium is our everything … Well, in part, as we know, in a duck there is only a duck share. Indeed, the developers at one time specifically quarreled, so much so that part of them founded their own 4A Games – the famous mother of Metro-franchise, and some went to Vostok Games, and took up just mentioned Survarium.

Now, by the way, they are actively working on another project in the same style that continues the notable setting of the classic Stalker – Fear the Wolves (if he becomes another bestseller, time will tell).

And in 2014, they managed to surprise everyone with a return to the third part of one more of their immortal creations – to the Cossacks, moreover, in the classical composition. By the way, and therefore the gaming community also received another reason to continue insistently hinting that it would be time to talk about S.T.A.L.K.E.R. remember …

Stalker 2 2019: new release date, trailer and latest news

But while Sergei Grigorovich only gets off with vague phrases in the style. Of course, it is necessary, but it must be done so that it is perfect. And if it’s not perfect, then don’t do it … … In short, no one promises anything concrete.

But the Chernobyl universe over the years has long been able to grow out of tight pants naughty game designers and rushed to live their own lives. Author’s artwork is riveted, mini-films and home-made trailers are shot, comics and fan fiction are written …

In short, S.T.A.L.K.E.R., he, like grandfather Lenin, is forever alive and forever young. Therefore, simply in memory of that first, infinitely beloved game, as well as with the unsinkable hope that it will be revived, we will try to remember together what it is – the harsh world of Stalker …

The narrative here was heavily mixed in on the historical truth of the exclusion zone, as well as on the fiction of the Strugatsky Picnic on the side of the road and its Tarkov film adaptation Stalker.

Stalker 2 2019: new release date, trailer and latest news

It all began with the fact that twenty years after the accident, suddenly there was a large-scale anomalous release, completely changing the biological, chemical and physical laws of the area.

The authorities are sending troops here to deal with the situation, but the operation fails. The zone is fenced and turned into an extremely protected object. The forbidden fruit, as is known, beckons without ceasing, therefore, in pursuit of profit, spurred on by rumors of unimaginable miracles, unique artifacts and riches, so-called rushed there. stalkers – rare daredevils.

And even though it is known that the madness of the brave songs are, of course, sung, but somehow more and more funerary, here this rule personally the players are given the opportunity to actively kick their feet.

Under our strict guidance, Marked was destined to go through fire and water, get into the very heart of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, simultaneously pile on the Monolith and make one of the key desires of the Performer, after which the endings could be different, and sometimes quite unexpected.

Stalker 2 2019: new release date, trailer and latest news

To the main game Shadow of Chernobyl a prequel to Clear Sky was released about the group of the same name and Scar the mercenary who accompanied environmental scientists in the zone who died as a result of the release, where he had to find Strelka.

It explained the reasons that led the territory to such a state, as well as shed light on the background of the main characters.

Also in 2009, the Call of Pripyat, a franchise’s sequel, telling about events after turning off the Brain scorcher on behalf of an experienced stalker, career officer Alexander Degtyarev, who will not only save secrets from helicopters destroyed in the Zone, but also figure out all the weirdness that happens here …

World S.T.A.L.K.E.R. divided in half: the area beyond the Perimeter around the Chernobyl NPP, infested with all sorts of anomalies, and somewhere there is a half-shadowed, inaccessible, offensively peaceful and tranquil Great Land.

Stalker 2 2019: new release date, trailer and latest news

But, the first one will have to measure his two heroes – with all its deadly dangers, the temptations of big money from expensive artifacts and solving local puzzles related to the history of the territory, its present secrets and fate in the future. And here there are several locations, the transition between which corresponds to the receipt of the level or the implementation of some important plot stage.

Stalkers are always at the forefront of events (to which, naturally, they belong, when in spirit, and when – in debt, and our hero) – desperate brave souls, adventurers, often deserters, and even people with a very dark past who work here who are one by one, who are groups.

Among them are those who are not alien to ideology, but most of them are professional killers, robbers, and just those who have the sole purpose here to survive at any cost …

The Zone Bestiary consists of omnipresent rats, mutant animals (admit, did you also be touched by the first time the tushkans were encountered?), Supernatural creatures like Poltergeist, and also the results of strange experiments as part of programs for the development of telekinetic, telepathic (hello, controller) and other abilities in people.

Stalker 2 2019: new release date, trailer and latest news

And also just a bunch of all kinds of classic rubbish like chimeras, pseudo giants, snorks and bloodsuckers.

But, these are not the only dangers that hide behind the Perimeter – much of the narration is tied to anomalies, including both permanent natural local cataclysms, as well as zones of concentration of mutated plants, and all kinds of tweaks of consciousness like the Psi-field, Spatial bubble, Teleport and Amoeba .

Well, and, of course, where without Archianomalies – complex anomalous formations occupying a significant area, far more terrible than ordinary anomalies.

The gameplay of the project is in no way a banal survivalist. The hero here can choose his own path and move along it to the goal, simultaneously achieving different achievements and enriching himself.

Basically, everything revolves around artifacts generated by anomalies, and they can only be detected using special detectors, and there are several types of them in the game.

Stalker 2 2019: new release date, trailer and latest news

And although the result of their work is almost identical, they get their own way and are based on different technologies. The total number of artifacts in all three parts is about a hundred, and they possess both defensive and attacking properties, and in many ways bear the imprint of the anomaly that created them.

Without them, the passage is not just difficult – it is impossible in a number of points in principle. Yes, and you can always sell them to merchants for swag for profit …

In single player mode, you can fully surrender to the passage of the main mission, mastering the Zone, farming and completing tasks. There are also multiplayer online or via LAN, supporting the participation of three dozen players, in which you can fight in the analogue of the match (all against all), do the same, but in a team with your comrades, as well as participate in team competitions in the hunt for the arts .

The combat system S.T.A.L.K.E.R. based on a proprietary AI, rather vividly simulating reality and responding quite adequately to current gameplay changes.

Stalker 2 2019: new release date, trailer and latest news

And in general, this shooter with a simulator is easier to confuse: it is enough to remember what role indulging in low-lying physiological needs like sleep and food plays here, that you can drive tucked vehicles, take medicines and even drink, not to mention other things.

The first person view emphasizes this realism, and the management is so elementary in mastering that after playing a little, you generally get so involved in the role that you stop thinking about which buttons to press, but simply … you live in the Zone according to its laws …

The author’s X-Ray Engine for 2007 was very good, supporting about a million polygons of the frame.

Blurred image effects were used in thematically relevant situations, shadows, weather and diurnal changes were highly developed, and lighting was built according to the dynamic principle.

Stalker 2 2019: new release date, trailer and latest news

The physics engine was also quite decent, supporting the destructibility of objects, the realism of the flight of shells, the naturalness of the animation of anthropomorphic creatures and animals, as well as embodying many other advanced technologies of the time.

As for music, and then the fans, of course, will be unanimous, it deserves a separate discussion. After all, there are not only background compositions in the dark ambient or noise of the talented MoozE authorship directly for the gameplay, but also tracks written by the Prague Philharmonic by German composer Marcus Holler, which can be heard in all cuts and trailers for the game.

Finally, it is impossible not to recall the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. the song Dirge for the Planet of the FireLake group in children’s metal performed by Oleg Yavorsky, as well as one of their songs Fighting Unknown, which many immediately dubbed the anthem of the project.

Also in the game there is often music from tape recorders, radios and loudspeakers (one of the most prominent examples is the lyrics from Addaray Gürza Dreaming).

Stalker 2 2019: new release date, trailer and latest news

The game was presented not only on the PC, but at different times it was ported to the then-current generation of consoles of flagship brands, and even a mobile version of the project was released. Unfortunately, it was not destined to wait for his online role, although everyone was waiting for her.

As for such a desirable continuation as S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2, one may complain that it is just that it is an undying theme for disputes and the cultivation of earnest hopes over the past few years.

And after all, fans of the franchise deeply care about who will write it – Vostok, 4A or GSC personally in the classic composition. Whether Sergey Grigorovich himself will be in charge of the project or someone else will take him under the wing. The main thing is that it still happened – the fans have been waiting for this for almost a decade, and they are ready to wait as long as necessary. After all, a real Stalker can do it like no other …

Stalker 2 2019: new release date, trailer and latest news Stalker 2 2019: new release date, trailer and latest news Stalker 2 2019: new release date, trailer and latest news Stalker 2 2019: new release date, trailer and latest news
Stalker 2 2019: new release date, trailer and latest news Stalker 2 2019: new release date, trailer and latest news Stalker 2 2019: new release date, trailer and latest news Stalker 2 2019: new release date, trailer and latest news

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