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Big Little Lie Season 2 2019: Release Date, Actors, Watch the Trailer

The unconditional success of the first part of this mini-series with the public in 2017, 8 Emmy in all possible and impossible nominations, several Golden Globes and a pair of Satellites in a logical way led the creators to think that it would be nice to please the viewer with the continuation of this beautiful story.

In the first season there was everything that a truly awesome series could dream of, which then it is not a pity to deflate and revise on long winter evenings.

A chic pleiad of actors – first-size stars, a tangled and moderately intense plot, close to their vitality of the plot, memorable jokes and generally first-class humor, forcing you to immediately start looking for the name of the project’s scriptwriter, to make sure that other works of the same style belong to you his pen.

And, finally, Liana Moriarty’s remarkable, excellent quality romance as a basis for the raft. Only seven episodes, but how delightful they were …

From the obvious feminist promise of this soap opera, which demonstrates all, as one, mentioned men in an unattractive light, the creators still deny, saying that this is just a real story from real life. Although, in fact, the main audience of the ladies of pre-Balsak and Balsakov age was drunkenly looking at it for no reason.

Nevertheless, it is sometimes pleasant to make sure that the rich have problems, and that their life is almost as sugarless as ordinary mortals. But, if you do not start a witch hunt and do not look for third meanings, in any case, you can simply enjoy the excellent acting work and really high-quality shooting, enjoying wherever possible.

And so, despite the fact that, in fact, the story ended there on such a note that, it would seem, there is no need to continue, the authors have strained and tried to give the continuation so much requested by the public. Now it remains only to hope that it will be no worse than a prequel.

As for the chronology, in December 2017, the launch of the Big Little Lie 2 filming process was announced, and the release of new series is planned for 2018-2019, with a breakdown from the first to the fifth episodes in the current year, and the sixth to the seventh – in the next .

Big Little Lie Season 2 2019: Release Date, Actors, Watch the Trailer

The return of the main characters is going to continue to concentrate on the study of the longevity of friendship, the ability to lie rooted deep in the hearts and minds of people, as well as, of course, on the fragility of marriage and the problems of family violence.

As we remember, the first part told about the fate of a young single mother, Jane, who moved to a small town on the coast, in which her little son, just starting to go to school, would be able to attend a good class.

She meets there two other mummies, Madeline and Celeste, very beautiful and charming, with rich husbands and between women on the basis of common problems and interests, making friends. Here are just a glossy picture from all sides is shown only for show.

In fact, each is full of their own skeletons in the closet and trouble. For example, Madeline is the victim of a once-broken marriage, whose first husband married a young woman, and now she is unbearably enviable. Her husband, Celeste, is a lustful monster who is ready to spread her arms to everything that moves …

Big Little Lie Season 2 2019: Release Date, Actors, Watch the Trailer

And a terrible event precedes this all: a murder happens at a school charity ball, and to the last episode we were not told exactly who, nor who did.

They only mysteriously hinted that all the families described are somehow connected with this … (We will not specifically spoil, respecting those who have not yet watched.) What will the plot development bring in the second season? Who knows … The screenwriters are expectedly slyly silent, so that until the release of the first series it is impossible to find out at least something for good reason …

  • Shooting locations are planning to remain the same – it will be sunny California (Malibu, Monterey and Los Angeles). But, in the original book, the action takes place not in America, but in Australia, in a suburb of Sydney.
  • Interestingly, two TV industry monsters — Netflix and HBO — fought for the rights to the screen version.
  • Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon made friends so much on the set that the second one even bought a house in Nashville near her partner’s house.

Big Little Lie Season 2 2019: Release Date, Actors, Watch the Trailer

  • Witherspoon sacrificed her role in the film Wonder Woman for the filming of the first season.
  • For participation in the sequel, Witherspoon and Kidman will receive a million dollars.
  • In one of the singles for the show, one of the actresses sang – Zoe Kravitz. One of the songs was sung by duet Kidman and Witherspoon together.
  • The actors of the series David Monahan and Larry Sullivan are a couple in real life. By the way, they have played spouses before.
  • The participation of Meryl Streep was predetermined and logical, because the author of the novel, Liana Moriarty, her character was completely written off from the character and image of this actress in the process of writing the work.

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I removed the HBO tape, but even after the announcement of these three famous letters, one wonders how the producers managed to assemble such a stellar cast, and most importantly – to combine their tense solo schedules to work in the Big Little Lie.

Big Little Lie Season 2 2019: Release Date, Actors, Watch the Trailer

Of course, the great merit here is personally the master of David Kelly, the winner of eleven Emmys, about which it is enough to say only that if the actors write in their resumes worked for Kelly, this already serves as a sufficient reason to sign a contract with them.

For those who were not personally interested in his person, it can be recalled that this is the person who revealed to the world the Law of Los Angeles, the Swordsman’s Outpost, Practice, and Ellie Macbil. But the director for the second season of the studio Blossom Films and Pacific Standard decided to change – now it will be Andrea Arnold, known for such projects as the TV series The Obvious and Full-Length Red Road, Aquarium and American Cutie.

In the pool of writers – the same author of the work, Liana Moriarty herself, as well as David Kelly, but, to them was added one fresh face. Only here, of course, fresh, but not in the world of cinema, as such. This is Matthew Tinker (Mr. Mercedes, Goliath, Crazy and Sister Hawthorne).

Big Little Lie Season 2 2019: Release Date, Actors, Watch the Trailer

Getting acquainted with the cast of Big Little Lie 2, really, you don’t even know where to start … Perhaps, all the same, with a new face, especially since it is brilliant, which is indisputable, Meryl Streep. She will appear as Perry Wright’s mom (Celeste’s husband, played by Alexander Skarsgård).

The undisputed record holder in Oscar nominations (21 pieces, by the way …), almost half a century has been pleasing us with his work, including in such films as The Deer Hunter, Sophie’s Choice, Kramer vs. Kramer, The Devil Wears Prada, Iron Lady, Recently Secret dossier and many, many others.

Again in one of the main roles there will be a nicer and prettier Australian Nicole Kidman (Celeste), starring in The Hours, Moulin Rouge !, Cold Mountain, Others and With widely closed eyes, and Reese Witherspoon will be in the role of Madeline again.

Yes, yes, that same Legally Blonde, Upstart and funny police in Beauties on the run, by the way, even got a couple of Oscars for Crossing the Line and her lonely traveler from the Wild.

Big Little Lie Season 2 2019: Release Date, Actors, Watch the Trailer

Waiting for us to meet with Shailene Woodley (Jane), known for Snowden, Divergent, picture. The stars are to blame and descendants, as well as with the languid beauty Zoya Kravitz (the very second wife of Nathan) – a model, singer and actress that we could see in those The Divergents, the last Mad Max, After the Earth and in Freaky California.

A strong half of the caste, of course, should begin to present with the Swede Alexander Skarsgard, the Swede Alexander, who played Perry Wright, Celeste’s husband (; Tarzan. Legend, Divorce in the big city, Straw Dogs and East Grouping), magnificent in his inimitably dangerous sexuality.

By the way, serial activity for him, too, is not new – everyone remembers his excellent performances in the Generation of murderers and in True Blood.

In the role of Madeline’s first and second husbands, respectively, we saw the Canadian James Tupper (; People in the Trees, Mercy, Passion Anatomy) and the purebred American Adam Scott (; The Step Brothers, as well as the TV series Kings Parties and Parks and Recreation Areas).

And there was Jeffrey Nordling, famous for the TV series Desperate Housewives and Dirt (Renata’s husband, Laura Dern played herself Renata) and many, many others, who are happy to meet with teleophers in the second season.

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