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Fashionable women’s coats 2019: photos, winter trends

The smell of a new sheepskin coat does not compare with anything. This smell of tanned leather is associated with high cost, warmth, coziness and comfort. And the truth is, the best clothes for a cold winter and not imagine.

Sheepskin coats are often warmer than fur coats, because the fluffy part of the skin is on the wrong side, closer to the body. In addition, this outerwear is unpretentious and universal in style: it looks great with boots on heels, with heavy winter boots on a tractor sole.

Fashion is also very favorably related to coats. Next winter they are in high esteem, and not simple, but with interesting details and features. We will tell you about fashionable sheepskin coats of 2019, but you can be sure that the good old classics – a red sheepskin coat with light raw seams – will also be quite relevant.

In the trends there are also black women’s jackets, and those sheepskin coats that are not carved for suede, but for smooth skin. Moreover, if the skin is lacquered, or has any other gloss effect (for example, patina), it will only add points to her fashion account.

Imagine a symbiosis of coats and fashionable fur coats, and get a trend combination of the 19th year. These sheepskin coats have original finishes with different types of fur: plush sheepskin and long-haired fur. And all this on a traditional suede background.

Fashionable women's coats 2019: photos, winter trends

To some extent, a sheepskin coat is indistinguishable from a fur coat, after all, it also has a simple, straight cut, with an elegant jacket collar. Fur trim is made in the form of geometric shapes – squares or rectangles.

Clear lines are a tribute to the geometric trend that is viewed throughout the 2019th absolutely in all types of clothing.

The combination of colored large blocks periodically returns to the podium. This winter, the color details will touch sheepskin coats, but in an extremely delicate and stylish manner.

Choose long sheepskin coats, made up of horizontal cuts of sheepskin in different colors. Just not to call it striped, because the bands are quite wide and not necessarily uniform.

Fashionable women's coats 2019: photos, winter trends

Stick to the usual for sheepskin colors: shades of brown, yellow, mustard and black.

The second color block option for this outerwear is a sheepskin coat with fur trimming in a different, contrasting tone. For example, black with yellow sheepskin edging along the smell line, or brown with a black fringe.

Color accent can be done with a belt, trim collar, pockets, sleeves cuffs.

Fashionable women's coats 2019: photos, winter trends

Fashion this year often departs from the rules and canons. So in a trend, sheepskin coats will appear, the upper part of which will be made of fluffy sheepskin, and not dressed for suede or leather.

In this version, a sewn belt and small decorative elements can be smooth. This sheepskin coat could be safely counted among the fur coats, but in the fashion epoch of fur coats with long fur, this beauty remains in the sheepskin category.

Fashionable women's coats 2019: photos, winter trends

For those who always keep up with fashion, the industry offers unique sheepskin coats, stitched according to all the laws of the most acute trends. In the winter of the 19th, large sheepskin coats with a broad fur trim will rule the ball.

Curly light sheepskin, which usually adorns the classic jacket, in this case should be the maximum width and volume, to the extent that the edges of the smell will seem to be turned inside out.

Fashionable women's coats 2019: photos, winter trends

Fur rim on cuffs (not longer than 10-15 centimeters), on the hem and collar is obligatory. The original part of such a sheepskin coat can be a large hood.

Especially popular will be the light sheepskin coats of cold tones – gray, pale blue, the color of wet sand. By the way, a very interesting volumetric edging will look on a leather, not suede sheepskin coat. But in this case, choose a dark jacket – black, or deep chocolate color.

Fashionable women's coats 2019: photos, winter trends

A distinctive feature of these jackets will be the ornament. The sheepskin coat itself has something in common with the traditional clothes of various ancient tribes – probably, our today’s love for it has something in common with the primitive burden to wrap up in something warm and cozy.

The ornament adds a sheepskin coat character, makes it unique and noticeable. It is better to choose sheepskin coats of a light yellow tone, with a pattern printed on the hem or cuffs.

Wearing such a thing is worth it either with clothes in the same ethnic style or with something informal and casual – jeans, comfortable nubuck boots and a set of knitted accessories. Lovers of extravagant things can choose a sheepskin coat with fur sleeves and an ornament all over the jacket.

Fashionable women's coats 2019: photos, winter trends

In addition to the above-stated classics, there will be some more unusual shades in the trends. If brown and yellow sheepskin bored you, and black seems too dull for an already gloomy winter, pay attention to light colors.

The leaders of the future cold season will be light gray and blue-gray jackets, as well as cold shades of beige. They are well combined with shoes of non-standard colors, for example, light lilac nubuck boots. By the way, to dark sheepskin coats – black or dark brown, you can also choose a light pair of shoes.

If you have a short jacket, put on her high boots of a gentle blue tone, or a soft shade of coffee with milk. As for the colored sheepskin coats, the trend of the year turned out to be two unexpected colors — olive green with a yellow subtone, and a light shade of burgundy or marsala.

The first looks better on graceful feminine suede coats with a wide trimming of fluffy fur. The second color – a bright wine shade – will be good on provocative short sheepskin coats with an oblique odor line or asymmetric hem.

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