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Treatment of hypertension folk remedies at home: the fastest and most effective recipes

Hypertension is a common disease of the cardiovascular system, which, as it progresses, leads to impaired blood supply to organs, especially the heart and brain. Increased pressure needs proper and timely treatment. For the correction of high pressure in the home are used both traditional and alternative methods.

Effective treatment of hypertension folk remedies allows you to maintain normal blood pressure without the use of pharmacological agents.

Blood pressure is an important indicator of human health. Normal pressure in adults is 120/80 mm Hg. Art. After 65 years, the rate indicator can be increased to 140/90 mm Hg. Art.

If the pressure exceeds this figure, then we are talking about the development of hypertension.

  • age over 65;
  • hypodynamia;
  • bad habits;
  • excess weight;
  • elevated blood cholesterol;
  • salt abuse;
  • genetic predisposition.

Vascular heart diseases develop in women after menopause, since a decrease in the level of sex hormones leads to a decrease in the elasticity of the vessel walls. Arterial hypertension develops in a patient gradually, therefore, such degrees of the disease can be distinguished:

  1. 1. First: this is a mild form of the disease, in which the upper pressure does not exceed 159 mm Hg. Art., and the bottom – 99 mm Hg. Art. At the first degree of hypertension, the increased pressure returns to normal independently, but after a while it increases again. Mild hypertension causes symptoms such as permanent fatigue, dizziness and nausea.
  2. 2. Second: blood pressure indicators do not exceed 179/109 mm Hg. Art. In hypertension of the second degree, the pressure does not return to normal on its own, and even after taking the appropriate drugs does not fall to normal values. With increasing pressure, the patient notes a severe headache, visual disturbance and nausea. Without treatment, the second degree of the disease develops into the third.
  3. 3. Third: patient pressure exceeds 180/110 mm Hg. Art., and in this case, the risk of hypertensive crises, heart attacks and complications of the kidneys, heart and brain. The symptoms of the condition include a sudden deterioration of health, chest pain, swelling of the face and extremities. Hypertensive crisis is dangerous because it aggravates the already existing pathologies of the heart and blood vessels.

It is necessary to treat hypertension at home only after visiting the doctor and undergoing the necessary medical research. In order to correct blood pressure, the patient is prescribed not only pharmacological preparations, but also folk remedies, the effectiveness of which was proven many years ago.

Hypertension can be cured forever only in the case when the patient is diagnosed with the first degree of illness. In this case, getting rid of the disease helps proper nutrition, weight control, moderate exercise and herbal medicine.

The essence of the diet for hypertensive patients is to provide fractional and regular meals, enriched with vitamins and trace elements necessary to maintain vascular and heart health. From the menu you need to remove foods rich in animal fats, preservatives, spices and sugar.

Hypertensive patients are prohibited from any spirits, because they contribute to an increase in pressure.

In hypertension, a person should enrich the diet with fresh vegetables and fruits, fatty fish, nuts, chicken eggs, whole grain bread and cereals. You need to eat regularly, in small portions, which will allow you to avoid attacks of hunger and weight gain.

In folk medicine, for the treatment of hypertension, herbs are used that have a diuretic, sedative and antispasmodic effect. To cure a 100% hypertension in the early stages, these medicinal plants help:

  • valerian;
  • cranberries;
  • cranberry;
  • hawthorn;
  • dog rose;
  • currant;
  • black ashberry;
  • motherwort;
  • field horsetail;
  • viburnum;
  • horseradish root;
  • bow;
  • garlic.

Before you use this or that folk remedy, you need to measure blood pressure. If it has risen, effective folk methods will allow normalization of the vessels:

  1. 1. You need to take a glass of non-carbonated mineral water and pour into it the juice of half a lemon. Cocktail should be drunk at a time.
  2. 2. It is helpful for hypertensive patients to keep a stock of hibiscus tea at home. A teaspoon of the plant is brewed with a glass of boiling water, infused for a few minutes and drunk. Tea has a strong diuretic and relaxing effect.
  3. 3. Quickly reduce the pressure will help alcohol infusion of hawthorn berries. For a glass of water take a teaspoon of alcohol tinctures and drink the medicine for 1 reception.

If there are no medicinal plants on hand, the following methods will help reduce the pressure:

  1. 1. You need to take a small cloth, soak it with 5% vinegar and apply a compress for 7 minutes to your feet.
  2. 2. Hands should be dipped in hot water for 5-10 minutes. This procedure helps to expand the blood vessels and eliminate their spasms.
  3. 3. You must take a mustard plaster, take a horizontal position and put it on the area of ​​the seventh vertebra.
  4. 4. If you have a headache or other symptoms of high blood pressure, you need to rub the auricles intensively.

To get rid of hypertension at home will only work if a person is systematically treated with medicinal plants that contribute to the normalization of blood pressure.

Recipes of folk remedies for the treatment of hypertension in adults with herbs:

Grass Recipe
Collection Take 4 tablespoons of dry motherwort, 2 tablespoons of crabweed and a tablespoon of hawthorn berries, black chokeberry and melissa leaves. Herbs are mixed and 3 spoons of the mixture are transferred to a thermos. Raw materials pour half a liter of boiling water, insist under the lid and take 50 milliliters three times a day with an increased risk of developing hypertension. If the pressure has already exceeded the norm, then the volume of one portion of the folk remedy is increased by 2 times
Periwinkle Per liter of vodka, you need to take 200 grams of periwinkle and insist on alcohol during the week. Treatment of hypertension with periwinkle tincture lasts 10 days. Folk remedy take 5 drops twice a day
Mistletoe A teaspoon of mistletoe is brewed with a glass of boiling water and for 3 hours insist under the lid. After each meal, this herbal brew is drunk a tablespoon before eating.
Mint infusion 2 teaspoons of periwinkle root and calendula flowers are taken, then 3 teaspoons of peppermint are added to herbs. Herbs pour two cups of boiling water and insist a few hours. An hour later, a folk remedy takes 2 tablespoons in 3 doses daily
Soothing infusion In equal proportions take lemon balm, yarrow, dried creep and valerian root. For 2 cups of boiling water, take a tablespoon of herbs and insist them for 2 hours, after wrapping the container with a blank with a towel. Infusion from hypertension drink twice a day for half a glass
Calendula It is necessary to take 100 milliliters of vodka and pour 20 calendula flowers with alcohol. During the week, the tincture is kept, and then they drink it in case of hypertension, 20 drops 3 times a day.

Healing berries also help in the treatment of high blood pressure. In folk medicine, there are many effective recipes for their use, but the most popular are considered to be the means of rosehip berries, cranberries and chokeberry. Recipes:

  1. 1. Take a tablespoon of chokeberry berries, carefully knead the fruits with a spoon and pour them with a glass of boiling water. An hour later, drink a drink for 1 reception.
  2. 2. A tablespoon of chopped wild rose berries is poured with a glass of boiling water. When the drink is infused for several hours, it should be divided into 2 doses and drink throughout the day. The course of treatment is 10 days, followed by a two-week break.
  3. 3. It is necessary to take fresh cranberries, extract 2 cups of juice from them, then mix the liquid with 0.5 kilograms of sugar and boil the billet over low heat until it boils. The finished portion of the medicine is eaten on an empty stomach (the course of treatment is 2 days). Strengthen the effectiveness of therapy can be due to the additional intake of broth hips.

Recipes for the treatment of hypertension vegetables and their juice:

  1. 1. You must take 4 cloves of garlic, a small onion and a tablespoon of dried rowan berries. The mixture is poured with a liter of water, boil the billet for a few minutes on a slow fire. In the process of boiling you need to add a tablespoon of dried herbs, parsley and dill. The mixture of herbs after that you need to boil for another 15 minutes, then insist for an hour. Folk remedy take four times a day for 1.5 tablespoons. The course of treatment for hypertension is 10 days, and after 3 weeks the therapy is repeated.
  2. 2. In equal proportions mixed beet juice and hawthorn. A mixture of juices taken 3 times a day. The volume of servings equals one tablespoon.
  3. 3. A kilogram of horseradish root should be turned into a mush and pour raw materials with a liter of boiling water. Horseradish insist on boiling water overnight, and in the morning add 100 milliliters of vodka to the blank. Infusion drink a tablespoon to the main meals.
  4. 4. You need to cook pumpkin broth, take one third of his cup and mix with honey. Folk remedy is necessary to drink 30 minutes before bedtime, which will help not only to bring the pressure back to normal, but also to calm the nervous system.

It must be remembered that curing hypertension with folk remedies without pills is possible only with the first degree of this disease. If hypertension progresses, then the patient is prescribed medication.

Pharmacological agents are prescribed only by a doctor, since self-medication of hypertension can harm the patient’s health.

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